Monday, January 24, 2011

ATF technical classifications create back door ‘gun control’

Latest from David Codrea.


Defender said...

Like the Terminator, it's all they do, and they absolutely will not stop.
That bullet button thing, in which a magazine that requirs a tool to remove it .... No wonder Muslims see all our heads as "detachable."

Anonymous said...

At this point, I don't really give a flying foghat what kind of laws they pass, and I won't waste my time opposing them. They are no longer valid. At some point, they will pass some law, if they haven't already, that will make me a criminal and my life will be forfeit anyway.

How can one justify actions within a system that has no validity?


Defender said...

From some doctors.

Border Bandit said...

The Bullet Button is the only way to
legally own an AR in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia. Buy a stripped lower, assemble it and then configure it as you wish, using the state mandated 10 round mag. As noted, the Bullet Button is easily removed and replaced with standard parts.

Anonymous said...

Anything these cretins do will either be unconstitutional, illegal or immoral.. so much for them wasting their time..

Anonymous said...

At some point, the enemies of the constitution will have to be vanquished to stop this incrementalism.

Sadly, talking ain't doin' it. Time is compressing on this quickly, be ready.

No more free Wacos. We are fed effing up with treasonists. Many of us have been ravaged by fiat monetary policy, rising taxes and lies, lies, lies. Enough is enough. I won't start it, but I'll be happy to help finish it.

Anon E Mouse

Sean said...

They can pretend to pass new rules, and we can pretend to obey them.

Anonymous said...

You must do more than simply pretend. You must disobey their laws, which are unconstitutional, regardless of the statements of their jurists. You must then help others to do the same.

Spread your knowledge far and wide and forget the faces you see along your way.

It is only when they see, that you not only will not obey but that you loath them personally and shed no tears, when one of them dies, that they will view you as anything other than their tool and slave.

The worm has turned and is now packing a homemade (your choice).