Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here's the dog and pony show -- "Gun Running Operation Uncovered in Arizona." Yeah? Did they arrest the Phoenix ATF SAC as the mastermind?

Gun Running Operation Uncovered in Arizona: MyFoxPHOENIX.com

34 indicted in drug, firearms trafficking.

"The Feds had to trace back guns involved in crimes in Mexico to make this case. While 17 arrests were made, three suspects are still on the loose."

These three are no doubt barricaded in their offices on the fifth floor of ATF headquarters in DC.


Legal Alien said...

And now the ATF had to turn on their own patsies.

How convenient

Wonder if the investigation will reveal the source of the funding for these straw purchasers

What says one or more of the arrested do not make it to trial . . . some 'unfortunate accident'?

Legal Alien

Legal Alien said...

34 indicted
17 arrested
3 on the run

who are the unaccounted for remaining 14?

Phoenix ATF?

Legal Alien

Anonymous said...

Finally ATF is going after the scum that are giving gun owners (and collectors) a bad name.

Too bad they'll use this to go after gun rights, rather than use it as an opportunity to send a message to other potential straw purchasers. A shame, really.

I also bet that these guys are gonna get off easy. Probation or two years each. The only good thing is that they'll all be prohibited possessors now.

privatus said...

not sure if this is appropriate, and definately not on-topic but... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6Mx2UcSEvQ

source: http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=1&f=5&t=1142527

Anonymous said...

Isn't that nice, a distraction in the face of being caught red handed...or is it plausible deniability?

Hired by the ATF, entraped or simply caught and turned into scapegoats? This will be interesting. Wonder if we'll ever know the whole truth?

Anonymous said...

Interesting! The video I saw looked like there were Class III weapons there. Would somebody at the ATF mind telling me how Joe Bob bought those at Happy Fred's gun shop? Seeing how Class III weapons are tightly controlled it makes you wonder. Also, is there any logic in selling Semi-Auto guns to mexicans when Full Auto Machine guns are readily and easily gotten in mexico??
It strikes me as another Huturee raid!

Defender said...

"Finall ATF is going after...?" Anonymous 1:45, you're being sarcastic, right? If not, ever heard of Project Gunwalker? You like gun laws that are prima facie unconstitutional? Enforcement that is itself criminal? A "straw purchaser" is nothing but a LEGALLY QUALIFIED buyer.

J.E. Andreasen said...

Dies anyone know much about the US Attorney for the District of Arizona?

Is he square, but hoodwinked? A "team player"? An "Un-indicted Co-conspirator"?

The timing is so bald-faced, what with the rumbling on the hill, that it seems incomprehensible that he is not up to his waist in this filth.

Defender said...

The feds are all over-fed...

Obama's state of the union speech mentions "investments" instead of "spending."
The Fed plans to hide losses from those "investments" by transfering them to the Treasury Department.


Defender said...

Obama issues Ethics Pledge Waivers? I guess those ATF supes can relax.


Anonymous said...

Ever see " Boss" Hogg in "The Dukes of Hazard"? If yes, then you know who Saxby Chambless of Georgia is.


No kidding.

Since the "Boss" has no real ideology other than doing whatever it takes to keep living "high on the hog", that is, off the Georgia (and U.S.) taxpayers, then it is entirely possible that Good 'Ole Saxby just might be convinced to DO SOMETHING about the BATFE gun-running. There are no ideological hurtles to overcome. All it would really take is enough Georgians to contact Saxby and let him know that it's time to put in an appearance at work.


Or write.

Calling is probably better.

GeekParallax said...


Hughes Amendment voting video found. 1986 FOPA is illegal and did not pass.

Defender said...

As a professional journalist, I would read a claim, then go to as many sources as I could to verify or disprove it. The temptation to cherry-pick resources to validate my own prejudices was strong, but if I had to lie or practice what they called "strategic withholding" in journalism school (and regarded as a valid journalistic technique!), I was doing my readers a disservice. It would presume that they aren't smart enough to make decisions that are best for them.
85% of journalists identify themselves as liberal. Those are just the ones who acknowledge that there IS liberalism rather than "left-center superior intelligence."

Anonymous said...

KFI in Los Angeles (Tim Conway Jr. show) was apprised of your and David's articles, last week, but barely a mention the next day. Story mentioned was mostly about Agent Terry's murder.

Bad Cyborg said...

Dollars to donut holes the congress critters you contacted are now making "Well, that's that." noises.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Defender is right. Once a legal gun owner has bought his gun, he should be able to do whatever he wants with it, e.g., sell it to a 12 year old who needs it for his 'lunch money requisition project' or to the mentally unstable guy next door who just wants a gun around to keep the wife in line. It's called CAPITALISM! Constitutional rights, my friend. Don't tread on us!!!! And our right to contribute to the destruction of other human beings!!!

Defender said...

It's almost a solid wall of statism, friends. Our essential rights only exist because some obscure old laws GIVING US our rights dreamed up by wig-wearing slaveowners haven't YET been repealed. If it takes KGB-style subterfuge and lies by elected and unelected overseers to whip us into line, they're all for it.

Defender said...


The congressman who died in the shoot-down by Russia of a Korean Airlines plane. The last sittting member of Congress to be murdered. He was very conservative, therefore an unperson to the media.
What's the deal? They'd rather piss off 150 million Americans than remind them Russia was Russia, and still is?

Anonymous said...

@ JE Andreasen:

Dennis Burke, the U.S. Attorney is a committed leftist. I have been on an email chain with him and it was ugly. 2 of my best buddies went to grade school and high school with him. The whole family is nuts. He was Janet Incompetano's chief of staff and she emplaced him in the US Atty. slot after accepting the DHS nod. So no, he is square, nor hoodwinked, he is a fellow traveller.

Anonymous said...

"You like gun laws that are prima facie unconstitutional? Enforcement that is itself criminal? A "straw purchaser" is nothing but a LEGALLY QUALIFIED buyer."

As a RESPONSIBLE member of the gun owning public, I've had to defend the fact that I own and collect military style firearms/hi-cap mags after these ASSHOLES are being used as an example as to why YOU AND I shouldn't be allowed to buy/sell these guns anymore.

Personally, if these were folks buying guns to deliver to Mexicans determined to fight back against the cartels, robbers, and kidnappers savaging their communities, I'd generally be OK with that.

But they're not. They're procuring weapons for cartel members, kidnappers, rapists, robbers, etc.

To say that a straw purchaser is nothing but a "legally qualified buyer", while technically correct, is epic asshat territory.

Yes, I just called you an asshat.

Come on down to a border gunshop, and see how well they like dealing with hundreds of straw purchaser attempts, knowing that the guns bought by those they miss are going straight to Mexico.

One of my local shops enacted a policy of no multiple semi-auto rifle sales, and won't stock 5.7 pistols/rifles, and Barrett rifles because they get constantly bombarded by blatant straws trying to buy them.

Most of this is Mexico's fault, and I won't tolerate their incompetent leadership blaming me for their social ills caused by decades of corruption, nor will I tolerate our own media doing the same.