Thursday, January 27, 2011

"State of the Union"? A monstrously sick joke. Pay attention to what politicians do, not what they say.

I've been asked by readers, and some reporters, what I thought of the "State of the Union" address. Well, first of all, I didn't watch it. I went to bed before it started because I'm dealing with some health setbacks and I needed the sleep more than I needed the aggravation.

Also, I no longer pay attention to what politicians of any party say, only what they do.

New budget estimates Wednesday paint a grim picture of the nation’s fiscal state, with the government on pace to rack-up back-to-back deficits totaling $2.58 trillion over the life of this new Congress.

Nile Gardiner of the London Telegraph thinks "the Obama Presidency remains in a dangerous state of denial."

If there is one big takeaway from Barack Obama’s State of the Union address last night, it is that this presidency remains in a complete state of denial regarding the massive threat the United States faces with its budget deficit. Obama’s speech was a major lost opportunity to address the number one menace to America’s long-term prosperity – the towering mountain of debt. Ironically, Obama’s head in the sand speech came just a day before the release of the Congressional Budget Office’s latest economic outlook, which revealed that the deficits generated under the Obama administration are the largest since 1945.

Obama in a state of denial? Make that damn near the entire country.

Remember the Bugs Bunny cartoon where the diving airplane, defying gravity and inertia, stops just short of the ground because, as Bugs explains, it "ran out of gas"? That ain't gonna happen here. In the grand scheme of things, as historians will later conclude, Obama's "State of the Union" speech is nothing more than monstrously sick joke.

The reckoning approaches.

Got militia?



rustynail said...

Take a look at the op-ed by Dr. Walter Williams, "Can Our Nation Be Saved"
/can_our_nation_be_saved/page/full/ for another look at what's been happening for the last 90+ years and an assessment of what will be required to turn the tide.


Defender said...

Rush Limbaugh, who I assume Congressman Al Franken still calls "a big fat idiot," played 2009 Obama sound bites chosen by his assistant AT RANDOM yesterday. Almost the same speech, word for word. Come together, innovate, clean energy creating jobs, I need more time.
When you DO innovate, the government will regulate. Best health care system in the world, but not for long.

Don’t Know Much Geography’
By Emily Puro

A 2006 sampling of over 500 recent U.S. high school and **college graduates between 18 and 24 years old** found half unable to locate New York on a map of the United States. More than 60 percent couldn’t find Iraq on a map of the Middle East, and nearly three-quarters incorrectly named English as the most widely spoken native language in the world."

Obama says we need to "invest" more money in our educational system.
And many of these people are ready to separate us old-school types from our guns, money and freedom of speech.

Defender said...

He goes Nuremberg Rally at the end.

fireplaceguy said...

What if the President had said "we've been spending beyond our means for decades. No Administration is without blame, but mine has been the worst offender. For my entire life, I've bought into economic theories that are obviously fatally flawed. I apologize for the harm I've done, and pledge that today will be the last day during my administration that we'll spend a penny we don't have in the bank. This is going to be one of the toughest challenges America has faced, but facing our problems beats destroying our country. I just hope it's not too late..."

Bu that would be accountability, which has gone out of style. Back when men were men, the Captain of the Titanic didn't try to bluff the water as it rose past his knees.