Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A great idea on the "extended magazine ban" fight.

Heckuva lot cheaper than giving away AR mags like the Atlanta RTC boys did the other day.

From an email addressed to firearm rights bloggers this morning:


Let me introduce myself briefly. I read all your blogs, and sometimes I comment as oldsmobile98.

I know you are all aware of the renewed attempt by the statists to put in place a restriction on magazine capacity. I've decided to give away some 20-round mags to some of my friends who don't have any, just to send a message, and perhaps to "set brush fires in people's minds".

Here is my updated status on Facebook:

"In light of the folks (Carolyn McCarthy, Dick Cheney, Peggy Noonan, (James) Brady, and dozens more) willing to use the awful Tucson murders to try to take away more liberties from Americans, I am giving away five politically-incorrect, full-capacity G3 magazines that they wish were illegal."

The first five local people to comment below that status and request a mag will get one (limit one per household). I'm not giving any to people who already have at least one full-cap mag, and I'm not giving any to hoplophobes who will immediately turn and destroy it.

20-round G3 mags are the cheapest out there (as far as I know). Cheaper Than Dirt has the steel ones for $1.97 each before shipping,and various other websites have G3 mags for three or four bucks each. CTD had the aluminum ones for $0.97 each, but those are, as of yesterday, out of stock.

Anyway, I thought it might be a good way for Threepers to accomplish a few things with a nominal investment:

(1) Show goodwill to open-minded folks who don't own guns and give them a tangible reminder of what they are missing out on.

(2) Give target shooters and hunters a politically incorrect item and remind them that our rights are under attack.

(3) Lay the groundwork for civil disobedience if H.R. 308 is passed.

I'll explain this last one. McCarthy's new bill, unlike the 1994 AWB, would ban ALL transfers of full-cap mags, both pre- and post-ban (see Rawles' analysis at http://www.survivalblog.com/2011/01/rep_mccarthys_magazine_ban--wo.html).

I have my doubts that her bill will be passed into law, but if it is, it will be easy for anyone with a $2 G3 mag and a spine to cross the Rubicon and take a meaningful step of resistance. All they have to do is sell their one mag or give it to a friend or neighbor. I know this sounds like small potatoes, but crossing that psychological barrier of breaking an unjust and unconstitutional law is an act that that could embolden them and lead to more meaningful actions in the future. "From
small acorns grow great oaks."

Anyhow, each recipient of one of the five mags I'm giving away will simultaneously receive my encouragement to transfer it, by sale or by gift, if McCarthy's bill is passed. I will NOT, however, include along with the mag a shoulder thing that goes up, as those are truly dangerous.

If you feel this is a good idea, please feel free to participate and/or to pass it on to your readers. About $25 will get you five G3 mags shipped to your door from a few different websites (I'm not getting any kickbacks from CTD or anybody else). Let me know if you want more info on places to get these, but CTD seems the cheapest for
now; unless, of course, you decide to go big, in which case robertrtg.com has a beater pack of 104 mags for $89. For the purposes of this endeavor it is not essential that the mags be in good condition (or even functional, for that matter), even though most of them can be cleaned up with a little TLC.

Last things: Please remember that there are already laws in place in some locales which ban the possession of these. Stay smart and stay safe, and please remind your readers of these laws so they don't get thrown in jail. And let's not give away any to people who are simply going to trash them out of spite.

Thank you, each of you, for what you do.

Feel free to send this on to any compatriots, but please redact my email address if you will.

Many thanks,


p.s. A III scratched on each mag would be a nice touch. : )


Predator said...

I won't give up my mags OR my barrel shroud aka "the shoulder thing that goes up"


Defender said...

Now THERE'S a true patriot.
I'm still trying to convince my friend's husband to buy a case or two of ammunition for his shotgun and hunting rifle. Two boxes of 20 is a lot to him.
If the supply were suddenly cut off, I have a good amount for two, no charge.

Anonymous said...

97 cents at CTD (cheaperthandirt)


oldsmobile98 said...

Thanks for posting this, MBV!

Thanks to the Atlanta RTC guys as well. That IS where I got the idea.

Hope this idea catches on a bit. I will post here if I see any better deals.

If McCarthy's bill goes through, we might just see some Youtube videos posted of an unidentifiable man selling or giving a mag to another. Ooh, scary.

I had some shoulder things that go up, but I destroyed them like a good little serf. I encourage everyone to do the same. Nothing is more important than our right to be safe. It's for the children!!

Up the Republic!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome.

The point is to use these to make a point.

I love it.

Every bit of this screams resistance and eye-thumping the Giant. Especially the civil disobedience part.

Good thinking, olds...



Anonymous said...

How's 'bout sending at least one to every congress critter and dc bureaucrat you can find an address for?
Then NARC their collectives asses if that bill passes...
Better yet, wait until AFTER the bill passes and THEN send them out.

GeekParallax said...

Awesome idea, Oldsmobile! I just shamelessly copied you on my facebook, except I switched "G3" for AR-15, since I have a boatload of them.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest sending two magazines...One to Lawrence O'Donnell and one to Chris Matthews.

NBC News
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10112

FHK96 said...

"All they have to do is sell their one mag or give it to a friend or neighbor. I know this sounds like small potatoes, but crossing that psychological barrier of breaking an unjust and unconstitutional law is an act that that could embolden them and lead to more meaningful actions in the future."

A solid premise.

Anonymous said...

Just tried his FB page & got the below message.

This content is currently unavailable
The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

Looks like they shut it down

happycamper said...

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