Saturday, January 8, 2011

A moment to say "bless you."

Ever since David Codrea's appeal for dollar-a-month voluntary subscriptions to Sipsey Street the response has been humbling, chastening and emotionally overwhelming. It has also allowed me to get caught up on medicine and medical treatment (the wound doc put my foot back in a boot on Thursday, and I go to see both my primary care physician and heart doc next week) and keep the lights on. Some folks sent far more than a dollar-a-month. Some sent mementos that struck at my heart and pumped up my spirits.

How do you properly thank somebody -- a whole lot of somebodies -- for something like that?

The only thing I know to do is keep on doing what I'm doing because you folks believe in me and the cause I fight for. I will. May God bless and keep you all safe in the days ahead.

I am saving each and every letter and will respond personally to those when I have a chance.

God bless you all.



CowboyDan said...


I'd be glad to share what I can with you, but I'm not sure how to go about doing so.

I figure anything I can do to keep you whole and healthy will pay big dividends in the future.

I hope I can continue to learn from your experience, strength, and hope and reap the benefits of your wisdom, for a long, long time.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who learns a lot about a lot of stuff from your writings and your links to other useful sites. Thanks, and please don't see it as a bad thing to post some info on how we can contribute.

Anonymous said...

that is all the thanks we want!
Keep the faith at the bastions.

Anonymous said...

I sent a few silver coins since I'm lean on FRN's.

If you want to support Mike but are low on FRN's there are other things you could send to help him out - he has contacts.