Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Memorium

Aaron Zelman's JPFO obituary.

If America remains a free nation, the name of Aaron Zelman will be honored in the highest ranks. For Aaron, a love of G-d and a love of freedom were inextricably blended. Aaron’s fervent embrace of liberty, his deep and introspective nature, his remarkable intelligence, his unyielding conscience, and his compassionate wisdom, made him a man amongst men.

Amen. Hard to believe he is gone.


WarriorClass said...

My brother Aaron, I salute you. Rest in Abraham's arms my friend.


Dave said...

Aaron's remarks at the end of "Innocents Betrayed" opened my eyes more than anything else I've ever heard, when he discussed the photographs he saw as a youngster. Aaron used history to prove the Founding Fathers were right and he destroyed all the b.s. the socialist libtards have ever come up with or ever will. May he rest in peace. I can't recall ever feeling such a loss for someone I never met as I do for Aaron Zelman.

Sean said...

If G*d blessed us with an Aaron Zelman once, He will bless us with another. But all I know for now is that I miss him. Shalom.

Anonymous said...

Was not familiar with JPFO until recently - now I'm a member!

As a Christian, I count it an honor to stand with His chosen people.


fireplaceguy said...

My melancholy began when Jeff Cooper passed, and I realized that people like that aren't emerging from the younger generations.

Now, another intellectual titan in the struggle is gone, with no relief in sight.

May we at least be worthy of standing on their shoulders and feebly carrying on...