Saturday, January 22, 2011

As gas prices once again go through the roof, liberal earth religion yields energy policy insanity

What's driving the spike in gas prices? A meeting of the Obama Administration's energy policy czars:


Anonymous said...

know what I mean eh, nudge nudge,

Defender said...

What's driving the rise in gas prices? Those Middle East guys whose "freedom we're fighting to protect" think $90 a barrel for crude is too low. Kuwait, whose ass we saved from Saddam in Gulf War I, says $100 a barrel is fair.

Maybe instead of voting next time, I'll put on my robe. Eia Jesu Domini, dona eis requiem. WHUMP!

Anonymous said...

I personally have another vision for whump. A 2x2 applied upon a the posterior of an elected official. Followed by the one where the official is defiant and receives one upside their head.

David90212 said...

There is an outfit called, I joined them (it doesn't cost anything to join) and then when I fill up, I keep the receipt and mail it in to get a 50% rebate on the amount I spent for gas. However, there is an upper limit that you can do each month I think it is $200 or something like that -- but believe me an extra couple of hundred bucks a month gives my family our weekly trip to the movies again... or you can always buy more gas.. LOL. Here's the link