Thursday, January 27, 2011

This just in: Senate is now referring to "Project Gunwalker" as the "Brian Terry Whistleblower Case" plus a question for ‘Project Gunwalker’ skeptics.

David Codrea asks "One question for ‘Project Gunwalker’ skeptics."

It boils down to:

"Ask yourself: How could we have known?"

David and I have been called a lot of names since we started this, even by alleged gun rights bloggers like General Sebastian Snowflake who called me "a clown." At least I'm a clown that whistleblowers trust enough to talk to.

Also, right after David posted his Examiner column above, a reader named Nicholas Dixon provided his own independent corroboration David's post.

I've called the offices of Chambliss, Grassley, and Sessions. Unfortunately the only time between my classes I have available is 11-12, when all the staffer's are in meetings or going to lunch(in DC time). But I did receive a call back from Chambliss' office, their name for it is the Brian Terry Whistleblower case.

Codrea commented:

Thank you Mr. Dixon. This is now an independent corroboration that such discussions are taking place. Reporters take note.

And, in an email to me he added:

Figures they wouldn't want to use "Project Gunwalker"...:)

So, when contacting your Congresscritters about Project Gunwalker, please refer to the official name, "The Brian Terry Whistleblower Case."


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, Nicholas Dixon is a Nom de Plum/Nom de Guerre, specifically a play on Dick Nixon.

Since I am a student it has been very difficult to get my schedule to line up with that of Senator's offices.

Since I told some of my friends about this they've been very interested. Especially after the correct prediction of the indictments/arrests Tuesday.

Nicholas Dixon

Bob@thenest said...

Mike, I see attempts to discredit as evidence others see you as credible. Otherwise, why would they need to make the effort?

Funny thing is the clowns in that circus are readily identifiable and you aren't the one with the red rubber nose.

Recommend you take attempts to make you look the clown as an indication of your effective leadership.

Defender said...

Anonymous said...

They FEAR the truth and so, the truth tellers.

Were the truth more available instead as some would have it, less available, we would not have these problems because their deceits could not exist.

But they do exist and they are attempting to make them the only "story" fit for your ears to hear or mouths to speak.

As in Massachusetts recently, venting makes some unsuitable for gun ownership, so the state simply takes them all and your "license" as well.