Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And in the "Well, duh!" Category of Perfectly Predictable. . .

One of my readers points out that General Sebastian Snowflake, commander of the NRA's On-Line Prag Army, has yet to notice the scandal of Operation Gunwalker. Waiting for it to just go away, Sebastian?


Anonymous said...

The NRA has their heads buried so far up the backside of the politicians they can't see straight.

Defender said...

I haven't seen ANYTHING anywhere on LOTS of coverage of the SHOT Show, though.
It's really hard to email them. Maybe some members could get their attention, by threatening not to send money, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Not likely to see them say anything about it until someone else does the work, them they will take credit for "fighting for your rights".

Anonymous said...

Fighting the ATF doesn't make money. It also requires courage.

Those two facts alone guarantee NRA will not become involved.

Defender, they don't care if a few members drop out. When I did, and explained why, I received an email response that basically said, "We're sorry, but we're going to continue to be a cowardly political organization more interested in survival and self-advancement than actually protecting our members' interests."

At least that's how I took it.


DC Wright said...

Just posted this for Sebastian:

"D.C. Wright, USMC Retired Said,
January 19th, 2011 at 3:48 pm

Sebastian… I notice that there’s no coverage at all of “Operation Gunwalker” and how the ATF may well have furnished some Mexican drug gang with the weapon used to KILL a Border Patrol Agent. I’d think that you and NRA would be ALL OVER a story like that, ESPECIALLY with ATF trying to issue “emergency” regs (totally unlawfully) regarding the purchase of long arms in border States. Or am I wrong and it’s not really all that important?

DC Wright
USMC Retired"

Dennis308 said...

Artic Patriot makes the point, what more can be added.