Saturday, January 29, 2011

Now this guy gets it. The army standing quietly, just off-stage in the shadows. Here's a clue, Obamanoids -- try not to piss them off.

Para-military groups help strengthen forces.

Several years ago I was taking part in a bass tournament in southern Florida and we were surprised to see two well-equipped bass boats approaching us at high speed. Pulling a quick maneuver they shot by our boat and threw a sheet of water over us. I sat there dumbfounded at what had just sped by us. The bass fishing machines were not colored in the usual gaudy colors and no fishing rods were to be seen in the boats. They were painted in a dull camouflage pattern and mounted on the bow of each boat was a 30-caliber machine gun manned by a gunner who was also dressed in camo.

“What in the H—- was that,” I asked my companion who hailed from a local bass club. “That’s just some of our local friends showing off their toys, he replied. Their mounted machine gun is a legal, semi-automatic version of the old familiar Browning gun and these guys are part of a para-military group that fancies themselves as being a Red Neck Navy. Their group of ground troops is probably hidden back there in the swamp laughing at us right now.”


Pat H. said...

Excellent news, more of those militia troops are needed.

I'd like to order some Bofors Bill 2 for our boys, we'll be able to use them real soon now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the army standing quietly, hidden in the shadows -and in plain sight- has significantly stepped things up the past few days.

As if anyone in the .gov cared.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear they're training, but I think they'd better be a lot less damn rude about it when they do. Spraying fishermen and scaring away fish is no way to generate a friendly attitude toward 3-percenters.

Anonymous said...

The key words are: Practice, Practice and Practice some more. Next key words are: Stock up on ammo and guns.
I seem to recall as a kid watching a TV program about the "Swamp Fox" fighting the British. Air boats are also very maneuverable and I still have a set of plans for the "Tri-Flier" air cushioned vehicle I got as a kid.

Defender said...

That is an EXCELLENT article for the progs to consider before they open their yaps again abot "separating us from our guns."

Solaris said...

Quite the opposite of your intent, Defender. It's an article that shows them to be immature punks. The progs won't look past the first two paragraphs. Those who would won't care about the possibility of the US being invaded - remember how they react when we are attacked.

Defender said...

I hear you, Solaris. We're nothing but Nazis-in-waiting to them. The concept of self-defense is alien to them.

On the snitching front, REPUBLICANS have a bill to require your Internet provider to know what you're doing.
(Google proudly says it already knows.)

Defender said...

How are Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin hatemongers for ASKING for a return to a constitutional Bill of Rights culture, but THIS GUY is an international darling on the order of Braveheart? (Maybe dupes out to overthrow a "moderate" Muslim dictator and install a fundamentalist one, but... they sure have the necessary attitude for change.)

"We will not be silenced! Whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, or an atheist, you will fight for your goddamned rights! You will HAVE your goddamned rights!"

Another man in the film seems to say "For my son and I... I will die today."
The Mubarak state of emergency has been going on for 30 years.
The U.S. state of declared emergency has been going on since the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 1960s.