Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Outstanding idea from Kurt Hofmann on ratcheting up the pressure on the Project Gunwalker scandal!

Complain to the Mexicans!


Anonymous said...

Maybe its not just criminal.. maybe its been going on for 3 or 4 presidential terms and its purpose is to destabilize the mexican govt to the point of collapse so we can step in and take over.. worse has happened and I put nothing past the Domestics that have been in office since the eighties.. look what they've done here.

Anonymous said...

unrelated but perhaps of interest:

"ATF agent investigated for selling seized cigarettes

HAMPTON ROADS -- The Office of the Inspector General Department of Justice is investigating an ATF agent for allegedly selling seized cigarettes. A search warrant stated that agent Clifford Posey sold…"

Reverend said...

There has got to be something in an ATF agents head that KNOWS that everything they do has no real legit authority. That their very existence and performance of their job duties is anathema to a free Country.

This state of mind cannot be healthy in the long term.

Dennis308 said...

I hope Kurtdon't mind but I copied his entire Articule and will be forwarding it to my Senators and going down to my Congrescriters office and showing this to his staff and request to see Congrescriter Farenholt personally, to get his intrest and involvment. Might not do any good, but it's better than doing nothing.