Monday, January 24, 2011

Oleg Volk hits a home run (again) on the subject of homemade firearms and the futility of firearm bans.

My thanks to Pete at WRSA for bringing my attention to this from Oleg Volk.

In for a penny, in for a pound

When Germans came into Poland, Poles made no more sporting shotguns. They made Sten clones. When Russians went into Chechniya, Chechens made no sporting shotguns, either. They made various submachine guns. Should US anti-gun creatures succeed in driving regular rifles and shotguns out of legal circulation, they will see more submachine guns as well. Sound suppressors would reduce the risk of discovery by authorities as well as the muzzle blast, so having a silenced gun would be safer for the user. Seems to me that the American anti-gun activists don't understand just how simple open-bolt weapons really are.

One of the commenters at Oleg's site has thoughtfully posted this link to produce the homemade SMG illustrated above.

Making barrels with a CNC machine.

In a country where machine shops (and even CNC machines)are in every little town and hamlet, "banning" anything made of metal is foolish. And that includes thirty round magazines, Peggy Noonan.


Anonymous said...

If one is contemplating the construction of such weapons and devices you will find that there's nothing mystical, everything is straight up science and common sense. The founders would approve of that, I am sure!

I'm told that for suppressed weapons, you want a closed bolt operation because they are far less noisy and more importantly, more accurate. When you examine the Chinese type 56 (as I recall) Integrally silenced pistol, you will readily see the the value they have placed upon such things.

It is time that our people began making their own weapons and ammunition as well as other items of military utility, for land, sea and air. Very clearly, at least to my mind now, we are not going to be able to talk to them and gain anything from the conversation.

They have proven to be willing, to fight right down to their last federal agent, local police officer and national guardsman and never once do they ever talk of increasing freedom.

Their actions and intents are always detrimental to liberty and an enhancement of their power and wealth. Always while telling the people how lucky they are to have them. I'd rather have freedom and I don't need them to have that. As a matter of fact, they are directly in my way.

Pat H. said...

I think the most difficult part of gun making, for Freedom Defense Guns, is forming the magazines in quantity. Seems to me I ought to see about the machinery to make those, at least the magazine tubes.

TinCan Assassin said...

Can I link to this?

gandalf23 said...

Bill Holmes' books on making a 9mm submachine gun and I think the one on building a pistol show how to form magazines from sheet metal. Yeah, you need to make a die, but it's not too hard 9of course I have not tried it, so it could be a real bitch). And there are tons of books out there on forming sheet metal. Most older books on shop have a section on it, often showing how to make a toolbox but the principles are the same. Or you could buy a bunch of Sten magazines, they're still pretty cheap (under $10). And a Sten parts kit is still under $200 (although back a few years ago they were <$50!)

Anonymous said...

Making magazines is no more complicated that finding a piece of auto body metal, flattening it, drawing your pattern, cutting the pattern, making a set of female blocks and a male block for forming out of hardwood or metal plate and a little soldering or welding when your done. The spring goes in the bottom and the bullets go in the top.

All of this is available on the net for free in pdf format downloads. You have but to look for it. I particularly like the plans for the paratrooper rpg7.

Defender said...

People are going to be ToddBlaired over possession of ... let's see, at the recycle center aluminum was going for $0.55 a pound...

Anonymous said...

Magazines-don't ignore the plentiful supply right now. For example, STEN and UZI mags are available and cheap (for now). Better to adapt to something available or even make your own from an existing design. Or, if you must make your own, it's easier to copy a known item than to reinvent.

Keep in mind it is perfectly legal to make your own semi-auto with 16+bbl or a shorter bbl if you want to register it as an SBR and buy a $200 stamp. (excuse me while I spit.)


Bad Cyborg said...

Anybody know of an application to take an existing web page and turn it into a .pdf?

Anon @ 9:10, love some of the links. Especially for constructing the RPG rounds themselves. Anti-personnel rounds could be of use when assaulting (or just harassing) an opfor position.

As Emmit told Mal in "Silverado", "It's gonna get mean."

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

There are scans of Vickery, advanced Gunsmithing and Howe, the modern Gunsmith Vols 1 & 2 kicking about on the web.

The Howe, was one half of Griffin & Howe - the books are well worth having for any gun loving soul.

A place called "Steve's pages" has all sorts of stuff, but it is as well to warn you, he has a "white resistance manual" scan up too, so expect to be watched for all the wrong reasons if you go a visitin'.

I'm not saying that we're not being watched here, but I have no embarrassment what so ever about saying I visit Mike's blog.

If you search about, there's an article from an airgun mag about guys drilling and rifling their own barrels with very simple tooling on a little myford lathe.

Anonymous said...

Buying up kits and mags for some of the simpler and more common models is a fantastic idea. They can be pre-assembled and stashed until needed, or traded to someone with machine shop skills. Download and print instructions too. Do it now before the re-enactors turn them all into dummy guns for their weekend games. Looks like some new shipments just arrived, dealer catalogs are stuffed with really good deals.


J. Croft said...

Another option would be an adaptation of the Volksturmgewehr 1-5-it was a assault rifle, not a submachine gun, that could fire 7.9x33mm Kurz ammunition, using Sturmgewehr 44 magazines. I did a little research and posted the results here:;f=10;t=000641

Yes the design needs work but the concept could work...

Anonymous said...

Mike!you may want to check this out,I pulled this up after and note I read on Liberty post.List of Foreign Trade Zones state by state,these are set up for the chinese,257 of them.Go to to what I read we may not have to wait for another Waco.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this up, along with the information on the original poster. I'm sure the authorities will find this information useful.

Anonymous said...

Simple open bolt blowbacks will scale up to.

The Oerlikon SSG36 was a 20mm anti tank cannon, only slightly less powerful than the Lahti and Solothurn offerings, but otherwise similar size and weight, and much much simpler.

It's a STEN for big boys to play with.

If you get hung for stealing a lamb, there's no incentive to limit yourself to small things is there?

TPaine said...

This URL should be redistributed wide and far, made viral. Every few nights I see a new show on TV with automated milling machines and such that are not out of the price range of us little guys. I think today most of us could put something like this together.

I'll be putting a link to this on my site ASAP!

Marine 83 said...

Bad Cyborg
I've never used it, but I think this is what you are after.

Anonymous said...

what, you think the authorities would want to make some sten guns too?


Allen said...

as far as "field expedient" submachineguns..look at the Erma EMP44.

the whole thing looks like it came out of a plumbing store. even more than the sten does.

oh and don't forget the scratch built AR lowers...

Anonymous said...

Mike, Sir!
Excellent post and great comments!

a few suggestions to add

search scribd for




Chinn was our tax dollars doing really good work. Vol 4 is the one with the design formulae.

Chinn's books are available as scans on a CD, and are well worth getting. The author was a vociferous oponant of gun control til his death(unlike for example P.O. Ackley!)

also check out Frost, ammunition making.

I hope some politicians and pen pushers go looking too, and I sincerely hope they loose bladder and bowel control when they see what a post ban black market would look like!

Defender said...

He says this, when members of Congress proudly admit to being members of the Democratic Socialist Party of the U.S.

Allen said...

just a thought...I wonder if some of the older paintball gun components could be used to make these SMG's

the trigger group from the PMI-3/VM-68 series seems to be particularly amenable to this sort of use.

and you can pick them up CHEAP. and being semi-auto in nature it wouldn't burn up a limited ammo supply.

the less you have to make..the more you SMG's you can build...

Anonymous said...

Allen's idea has great merit, especially if the finished product can be passed off as an airsoft in a casual encounter wit authoriteh!!!! (hoping what the cop knows most about is coffee and jam donuts).

I saw a news item a couple years back where an idiot brit had been drilling out barrels of 8mm blank firing MAC10 replicas for 9mmP and selling them to crooks (he got to spend the rest of his life in a cell, playing third wife to Achmed...).

In fact, the more the thing looks like it is factory produced, the better for several reasons:

if caught
1) you can say you found it on the side of the highway...

2) with a 7 figure serial number taken from the last digit in six consecutive phone numbers in the telephone directory - the cops will be shitting telephone directories looking for all the others 8,461,559 of them.

3)learn to use letter stamps neatly, or use metal from some factory produced thing, saying "Made in China", just to sow a little alarm and despondency.

The Jewish made guns in pre '47 Palestine were stamped U.S.A. which is supposed to stand for "by our own work" or similar in Yiddish, It worked to keep the brits looking for smugglers, rather than looking for local workshops, and it had them raging about American perfidy.

This last bit raises an interesting question about operation gunwalker.

While the eye of Mordor (and the Mexican's eyes too) is focussed on legitimate gun shops in border states, what is going on outside the field of vision?

Mexico has coasts on two oceans,

Generals in West Africa are always keen to have foreign currency and retirement properties away from home, plus a few foreign thugs for friends are always useful...

Russia is playing games again, so is Iran, so is Chavez, and on the other side you have Norks and Chinese.

Foreign currency is always interesting, but not as much fun as putting fleas into the big white satan's bed,

That, and making friends with thugs is always useful for a regime that might want favours doing that are plausibly deniable.

All of those have endless supplies of full auto AKs and other foreign aid items to trade to their fellow crimminals.