Friday, January 28, 2011

Leading economic indicators . . .

Also from Irregular Stan:

"Buy A Gun" Google Queries Hit All Time High, And Other Off The Grid Economic Indicators.

Bearish points are headlined by still-rising food stamp participation, with gun sales and rampant buying of silver coins underpinning continued popular concerns over personal security and the soundness of the dollar. Food inflation also features on this list.


Defender said...

Yes, the media seem to be right about a "slight slowdown" in the "recovery," huh?
I try to educate my former newsie coworkers that people who are suddenly overtaken by events in a very dramatic way are going to want to do some blamethrowing. Their security cameras that can read your belt buckle at 100 yards won't do them much good then.


The Associated Press has to admit that the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt are not just economic, but Islamist. The government has done nothing about severe inflation and rising food prices and unemployment for a long time.
The Muslim Brotherhood urges its supporters to join the violent anti-Mubarak clashes.
Cell phone and Internet service are suspended to keep protestrs from organizing ewasily.

Sean said...

Sand is also bullish. As in what a lot of people are sticking their heads far into, in order to "avoid" the future. Prepping and training is so much harder.