Wednesday, January 12, 2011

David Codrea says "Restricting freedom after Tucson shooting will galvanize gun owners."

From his mouth to God's ears.


Anonymous said...

David put it...politely.

I'd say "galvanize" it a bit on the light side of it.

But he did hit the nail on the head.

I just hope the thought of the infringements proposed on other liberties works to galvanize gun owners, too. If we allow all of them to be gutted, what good is the Second?

On the one hand, I hope they quit this nonsense. On the other hand, I almost want them to continue pushing. They'll hang themselves if they do.

Oh jeez. More violent talk. Throw me in the gulag, or a frozen wasteland...wait...I already live there.

Remember, folks, don't say anything that could be construed as violent. If you do, they'll send people to do violence to you.


Anonymous said...

During my military days, in training and during tactical unit assignments (strategic unit assignments were much more benign), collective punishment was the theme of the day. If an individual was not performing to standards, the unit was collectively punished to motivate the plurality to motivate the individual. It was an effective tool on all sides involved. That being said, not one more inch. If the .gov dares take a collective punishment stance for the behavior an individual, then the answer is obvious. There are ways to handle the dangerous and sub-standard behavior of individuals in society. They will begin to be handled thusly. I truly believe the credentialed elite are trying to foment civil war. There are consequences for all behavior, and I'm certain that the id10t's that we have allowed to become our representatives are well aware of this. There is nothing new under the sun. Let them keep pushing.

Defender said...

They may have had their Reichstag Fire/OKC bombing with the Loughner thing, AND a Nuremberg rally tonight in Tucson at the memorial. Pelosi and Napolitano basking in the reflected applause for the First Socialist, who promises "we will not be passive" in seeking ways to prevent future Loughnerings. His first campaign stop for 2012. Everybody got T-shirts.

Rider said...

"Never let a good crisis go to waste"
And, "The ends justify the means".

I believe the American people have been playing nice for the most part. I also believe that will changing with MORE laws.

More laws= More sins

Anonymous said...

All this fuss for one lone insane gunman?

The powers that be need to understand - Further restrictions on our freedom will sooner or later "galvanize" 3,000,000 completely sane and rational gunmen to action.

Many of whom won't be deterred by 1000 foot zones and plexiglass bubbles...


Anonymous said...

Part of their program is to wear you out by keeping you constantly on defense. Then when you finally take a breath, they pass something important to them. Then they go right back to the program of wearing you out. They are constantly on the attack.