Friday, January 14, 2011

Praxis: "Light is Might" and the "Speed Bag"

From the Virginia Rifleman:

Light is Might in the Fight and that’s Right and

Practical Equipment: the Speed Bag


Anonymous said...

Another possible way to carry gear is the manbag or tactical diaper bag. From Maxpedition or UTG (Cheaperthandirt)=(BAG-227).
Has room for water bottle,blowout kit, binos, mags, camera, etc. Looks easier to carry than this speed bag.


Anonymous said...

I like light. I spent plenty of time traveling...not light.

I've re-focused my gear to conform to this "fighting light" mentality, while many in my AO invest hundreds and hundreds on various body armor systems.

Let's face it people, if the "fit" hits the "shan", we're not looking at equal force on force slugfests. We're looking at asymetrical. Poke and move. Or stay put and die.

Allen said...

the mountain man version of the speed bag was the old "possibles bag".

every so often sportsman's guide has a deal on german or swiss bread bags. I got 10 of them for $20, added a set of GI lashing straps to run through the belt loops in the bread bags...and it's a low-rent version of the "speed bag".

I can hang whatever I want on the outside. my personal kit has a gerber gator combo axe, a GI canteen with cup, 6 M14 magazines, a garmin RINO GPS/radio and my dad's old Kabar. I still have room for a good medkit (that's next).

the inside isn't as easily accessible as the "speed bag", so I put stuff I won't need right kit, extra water bottle, extra batteries for the RINO, space blankets, ect.

Anonymous said...

Yep I have a German Breadbag with an East German canteen and messkit lashed on the outside. Total cost for this was 30.00. This kit is for food water and fire. I have a cleaning kit and esbit stove as well. I take the layered approach. This is a basic kit I would use for everything from day hikes to long term camping. I can add to this an ammo kit that is firearm specific and also contains a blowout kit. I could add a bag with binos and more detailed navigation gear. The key is that the bags are light and specifically packed for purposes. This gives you the ability to be flexible and not loaded down trying to pack for every possible issue. You cant carry gear for every possible situation all at once.
I will be adding one of the Maxpedition water bottle carriers on a second sling to expand on basic survival items.