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"We do not permit the exit of arms to Mexico." Riiight. El Diaro translation, cleaned up by, ironically enough, Avatar at

Avatar posts this translation.

By the way, allowing U.S. arms trafficking to Mexico

This is one of the allegations in a network by employees of the Bureau of Alcohol, Snuff, Firearms and Explosives

El Diario de El Paso

Sunday, January 30, 2011 | 8:25:59 AM
El Paso, Texas.

Contrary to its policy to stop it, America would be allowing the smuggling of firearms into Mexico intentionally during investigations conducted and the neighboring country without knowing it.

This is one of the allegations have emerged recently in a network by employees of the Bureau of Alcohol, Snuff, Firearms and Explosives (ATF, for its acronym in English), dissatisfied with irregularities alleged to have committed the federal agency. The allegations of arms trafficking were ratified by a source in El Paso. In blog has reported anonymously, since the ATF supposedly "gives the green light to U.S. gun dealers to sell weapons to suspects, until the officers" inflated "statistics of seizures of weapons to justify the millionaire budget federal agency.

ATF officials in Washington, DC rejected the assumptions and declined comment on the blog.

The smuggling of weapons and weak U.S. laws to control their sale and use have been in the public eye since early January in Arizona a man killed six people and left 14 injured, including Congressman Democrat Gabrielle Giffords. Last week the Washington Post criticized President Barack Obama to omit the subject in his report on the State of the Union. "On Tuesday, the president left out an important opportunity to talk about why weapons sensible regulations, including those that prohibit the type of high capacity magazine used by the handle of Arizona, should again be a national priority," according to its editorial published Thursday.

Also this week, as part of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, the former U.S. President Bill Clinton expressed his concern to his Mexican counterpart, Felipe Calderon, the constant flow of high-powered weapons purchased in the United States going to Mexico which fall into the hands of criminals. "America will never change its current stance on the right of citizens to own a gun, but it has a responsibility to prevent arms trafficking and international interstate," he told El Diario de El Paso an ATF employee, who asked his name not be published, experience or position within the federal agency for fear of reprisals.

Charged that the ATF has committed irregularities, such as allowing smuggling of arms to Mexico, during the course of research known as "gunwalkers." He explained that these investigative undercover agents "walk left" or "go" money or buying or selling arms to middlemen and smugglers "ant" to give the "big fish" or leader of a criminal organization.

But many times, the same agents, instead of confiscating the weapons sold to them at the border on U.S. soil to the smugglers, or stop them, they let him go to Mexico.
This "controlled delivery" occurs in Arizona and Texas, where they are usually the weapons used by drug cartels and confiscated in Mexico, he said. Worse, he said, is that the Government of Mexico know that the above is happening, noting that when agents try to expose their heads this alleged irregularity, are removed from their posts.

So have reported on the blog several ATF employees who say they are dissatisfied with the abuse, fraud and federal agency policies. The "blogger" identified as "1desertrat" reported in mid-January that a special agent allegedly Phoenix "has approved more than 500 rifles AR-15 in Tucson and Phoenix that have traveled to Mexico." "It appears that the ATF could be one of the largest providers of assault rifles to the cartels in Mexico," he says.

The ATF employee who spoke to El Diario de El Paso on condition of anonymity could not say how many weapons involved in inquiries from the federal agency have been smuggled into Mexico, but felt that add up to 2 000 weapons for the past three years. "The ATF is not doing his work and perpetuates the problem (of illegal arms trafficking.) These weapons are killing their own citizens, their agents, "he said.

Reviews of "1desertrat" and other "bloggers," have even suggested that one of the weapons have been smuggled to the neighboring country was knowingly used to kill ATF agent Brian Terry Border Patrol in Nogales, Arizona, last 14 December. ATF spokesman in Washington, DC, Scott Thomasson, declined to comment, saying the investigation into this case, the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, for its acronym in English). She rejected the alleged claims made against the federal agency that, during his research allows the smuggling of weapons into Mexico. "We do not permit the exit of arms to Mexico," he said.

The test is said, the project that launched Gunrunner United States and Mexico to reduce smuggling of weapons, which includes a database to track the origin of those who are seized in Mexico. Reported that from 2006 to date, only the ATF has produced 4 000 500 investigations and seized on U.S. soil 10 000 weapons and ammunition near a million before reaching Mexico. Furthermore, "working with Mexican authorities very closely," said Thomasson. He said the binational collaboration is so close that the ATF is coordinated, when "appropriate", with Mexican authorities in investigations into arms trafficking.

In late 2010 the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Justice released a report that analyzes the project Gunrunner, indicating that the ATF does not share information with other federal agencies, and communicates effectively with Mexican officials. "The federal agency does not share intelligence in a systematic and consistent with its sister agencies in Mexico and the United States," the report said. Including the offices of the Enforcement of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

However, Thomasson said there was a "good coordination" with the last two federal agencies regarding the investigation of arms smuggling. The "bloggers," by Gunrunner have labeled the project as "a joke", acknowledging also that ATF agents allegedly "inflated" the seizure of weapons. "New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and Los Angeles have never been committed to the idea of stopping the flow of weapons into Mexico. The money for this mission has been wasted and the operators in those divisions have been instructed to report any incident / investigation, no matter how far away is the Gunrunner "writes" bloquista "" X-Men. "

"It seems that the administration of ATF prefer lying to Congress, falsifying figures and altering the numbers instead of doing the job," continues the text. The ATF employee who spoke to The Journal of El Paso agreed to this, explaining that agents allegedly sometimes write in their reports weapons confiscated, even by local police, without even an investigation. This justifies the budget that the agency receives each year, he added.

The Justice Department report also noted that ATF case investigation evades which involve high-profile traffickers, focussing instead on the arms dealers.


Anonymous said...

looke here... glad the Mexican press has the cajones to cover this. maybe we will see it in the BBC or the Korean World Daily but not in the US media not even the conservative bastion of FOX news.

Anonymous said...

"America will never change its current stance on the right of citizens to own a gun, but it has a responsibility to prevent arms trafficking and international interstate…"

If you don't like it, m*f*s, build a wall.

Anonymous said...

About the only thing the BATFE does well is LIE.

They also give the old school mobsters a run for their money in the racketeering department.

Must be very helpful having co-conspirators in high places, too.

Legal Alien said...

See the latest on this from David's site?

The plot thinkens . . . .
there is no logical reason for a Mexican newspaper site to redirect to FBI . . .

There is something deeper and more sinister afoot

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's time to, for a start, pull the 2d ID out of South Korea and put them on the Mexican border !

We've got troops in more than a 100 countries and we're securing our borders with an overtaxed Border Patrol.

Why the hell are we defending Korea and our borders are wide open ? Why are we in the 'Stan and Iraq....and not securing our own homeland ?


Bill S. said...

Legal Alien....odd story that link to the FBI. I found the ATF story at the link. That's my usual link to the paper. I wonder where that other link first showed up at? That might tell you who's behind the scenes.

Something about this whole Gunwalker thing stinks. Why send arms to Mexico? Either to destablize the country, or to advance an anti-gun agenda here when the arms are discovered--right? But when discovered, the serial numbers are going to blow back onto the ATF, so presumably the arms are sold to destablize the country.

And what do the sales say about the contacts the ATF have within the cartels? You don't just sell 500 rifles to these guys, even through intermediaries, and then walk away. These guys need guns and if you are a supplier, you keep on supplying or you're dead!

There is something very wrong and sinister going on here and ain't nobody fitting the pieces together very well.