Monday, January 24, 2011

Well, now, ain't this interesting? FEMA planning based on 7 million survivors of New Madrid Fault quake.

The last time the New Madrid let go, the Mississippi River ran backward, creating Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee, houses were collapsed in St. Louis and it rang church bells in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A deep genuflection and tip of the boonie hat to Irregular Huck for this link.

RFI for Pre-Packaged Commercial Meals
Solicitation Number: HSFEHQ-11-R-Meals
Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Office: Federal Emergency Management Agency
Location: Logistics Section

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) procures and stores pre-packaged commercial meals to support readiness capability for immediate distribution to disaster survivors routinely. The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify sources of supply for meals in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System for a survivor population of 7M(illion) to be utilized for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations. FEMA is considering the following specifications (14M meals per day):

- Serving Size - 12 ounce (entree not to exceed 480 calorie count);
- Maximum calories - 1200 and/or 1165 per meal;
- Protein parameters - 29g-37g kit;
- Trans Fat - 0;
- Saturated Fat - 13 grams (9 calories per gram);
- Total Fat - 47 grams (less than 10% calories);
- Maximum sodium - 800-930 mg;

Requested Menus to include snacks (i.e. fruit mix, candy, chocolate/peanut butter squeezers, drink mix, condiments, and utensils). All meals/kits must have 36 months of remaining shelf life upon delivery. Packaging should be environmentally friendly.

- Homestyle Chicken Noodles
- Potatoes
- Vegetarian Pasta
- Green Pepper Steak w/Rice
- BBQ sauce w/Beef and diced
- Chicken w/Rice and Beans
- Chicken Pasta


Anonymous said...

Sounds like MREs (of which I have a stash). I'll trade you the cinnamon imperials for the M&Ms! :-) Except it's hard to find anyone who will give up their M&Ms for red-hot candies!


Anonymous said...

Well, at least the packaging will be environmentally friendly.

Glad they have their priorities straight.


MadDawg308 said...

I think Matthew Bracken had some inside information before he wrote his books. :)

Brock Townsend said...

More here.
FEMA Requests Information on the Availability of 140 Million Packets of Food, Blankets, and Body Bags

Anonymous said...

They are also taking bids for tents and blankets as well.

Think I'll prepare for FEMA as well as an earthquake!

Anonymous said...

Natural fats are important for all aspects of human health, particularly brain functioning. Government pushes low-fat because it wants its slaves to be stupid.

Concerned American said...

10 days' duration for 7 million people in an area that has been flattened.


That'll work.

Pericles said...

Those meals have about half the calories of MREs

Anonymous said...

Seeing "potatoes" on the menu brought back memories of the spelling bee. Was it Bush or Quayle with the 'e'??

Cybrludite said...

Out of morbid curiosity, what is the current population of that region? I know it's got to be substantially more than 7 mil. Also, I note that the Old River Control Structure (Located roughly across the river from the southwestern corner of Mississippi) is looking at around 6gs of peak ground acceleration if the fault tears loose. Given the damage it took in the floods not long after its opening, I suspect that between that and all the weird stuff the River did last time, the Mississippi might finally make its long delayed shift to the Atchafalaya Basin. This would likely close the ports of New Orleans & Baton Rouge, and cut I-10, Highway 90, & the rail lines which cross the Atchafalaya. Adjust your travel plans accordingly.

(And for the haters out there, this means that the Midwestern areas dependent on grain exports are just as screwed as us lazy, decadent, and corrupt New Orleanians, so do be careful what you wish for...)

Anonymous said...

I know someone who used to be high up in the Tn Emergency Management Agency. They are terrified of this thing going off. Imagine a third of your state being destroyed and having to be rebuilt from scratch. Just burying the dead will be overwhelming, and the geologists tell them the best they can hope for is to die before it happens so your decendants have to deal with it.

Fat Baldy Caver said...

If the quake is the same size as 1812 (Mag 8+),

it's likely that large areas of the thick alluvium in the main valleys will liquefy, so the highways will be completely broken up and impassable, same for the airports.

It was liquefaction and subsequent settling which created the lake and the boil ups of mud and sand in 1812.

Gotta say, the bald eagles were impressive when I visited the lake

Anonymous said...

Remember the old "C" rations? Even included Pall Malls or Lucky Strikes! Ahhh......the non-PC days.

The Wigpeeler

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmm. Naw!

Keithy Olbermann said...

Concerned American wrote:

"10 days' duration for 7 million people in an area that has been flattened.
Yup. That'll work."

Actually, it will do nicely. All that the ten days are needed for are to:
1. Blame Bush
2. Relocate populace behind the wire, for their own safety.
3. Send local LEOs, FMEA and EPA thugs and other co-conspirators to mop up survivors / resistors and loot the homes and businesses.

Sean said...

Wigpeeler, I do remember the old C rations. I'm still trying to work some of them out of my intestinal tract now. On one memorable occaision, coming back from an FTX in Germany, 1980, I recall fondly sitting on the thunderjug in my quarters, from noon until 6pm that day, trying to eject said C rations. I don't think I have ever prayed more in my life.

Anonymous said...

If you add this to the information from Mountain House about the shortages tehy are experiancing due to Government demand it adds up to our government know something is about to happen geologically. Also read yesterday that the Yellowstone caldera has risien approx. 10 feet in the last few years. In case you dont know Yellowstone park sits in the crater of the largest volcano in North America. When it last blew 600K years ago it left 6 feet of ash across the entire eastern US.

Going to be a bumppy ride kids


Anonymous said...

Notice the specification that the food have a life of 36 months (3 years). Most freeze-dried food has a life of 7 to 30+ years. MRE's properly stored can last 10 years. If they are going to spend $500+ million on a product that only has a 3 year life, this means that they expect to use it in the next three years.

Anonymous said...

For the quakes back in 1811-1812, it is documented that it shook people out of their beds in Detroit. The Mississippi ran backwards for three days and changed course. Millions of acres of land were swallowed up.

Gonna be nasty.

The Fed obviously expect this to happen again very soon.

What do they know that we don't?

illspirit said...

Anon said: "this means that they expect to use it in the next three years."

Or it means they went with the lower shelf life so they could scare Congress into not cutting their budget by saying they need it for the recurring cost of emergency rations. If they can keep $500M in their yearly budget for something which needs replacing every third year, that leaves a lot of funds during the other two to buy big screen TVs and such for administrators' offices.

Anonymous said...

The 36 month spec on the meals is the expiration time on the Heater Meals brand of preparedness meals that FEMA likes to buy and stock.

Anonymous said...

There is a major FEMA/TEMA/ARES exercise revolving around a New Madrid event scheduled for Feb/Mar. Could this be exercise traffic that got out inadvertently?

Anonymous said...

"Those meals have about half the calories of MREs"

Not correct; one FEMA ration is equal to (or a bit more) in calories to one MRE.

One MRE has 1250 calories; three per day give you a full recommended caloric value for an active person, which is what the military provides to each soldier per day when not able to provide fresh food.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they plan on tuning up their HAARP in the New Madrid area?? Scares me since I live close to the fault and the Wabash River.


Toastrider said...

Judging from that image, I daresay they may want to move Graceland before it goes off, or Elvis really WILL have left the building.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, potatoes:

Anonymous said...

I recommend the book "THE RIFT" by Walter J. Williams (Harper Prism) which is about the New Madrid fault ripping loose in present time. Two hundred years ago the area was almost uninhabited and the church bells rang as far away as Boston. Kentucky Emergency Management estimates that all bridges in a 300 mile radius of the fault will collapse. From the book's perspective, Saint Louis & Memphis are 2 places that I would not want to be living in. The book was a real eye opener.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Cybrludite beat me to it.

How many millions are they writing off?

Anonymous said...

Fiction on topic w/other plot elements mixed in...

"A Matter of Time" by G.E. Miller