Friday, January 21, 2011

Senators now in contact with ATF agents about Project Gunwalker scandal.

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. -- Sir Winston Churchill, November 1942.

David Codrea reports "‘Project Gunwalker’ sources talking to Senate staffers" and all my sources concur.

Insider sources claiming they can provide testimony and documentation to confirm allegations raised in the “Project Gunwalker” story reported previously in this column are now in contact and/or have been placed in touch with Senate staffers.

As David says, "We have lift-off."

Now keep banging on those Congresscritters to stand down the ATF from major raids until we have the whole truth about Project Gunwalker and the death of Border Patrol officer Terry.


WarriorClass said...

I'd like to know which senators they are talking to and if either my congresscritter or senator got off their dead ass and did anything to move this along.

Nevertheless, glad to see some movement in the right direction!

End the ATF!


Anonymous said...

Mike - Awesome news!

Anonymous said...

Talking to Senate staffers is a step in the right direction, but I hope those staff members are not being used as a hedge so the Senators can keep this problem at arms length. Even so, a Senate staffer who does nothing about this will eventually have a lot of explaining to do.

fireplaceguy said...

Perhaps this is just the beginning of the beginning. Let's hope that rocket is fully fueled...

It's a bit premature for congratulations, I know, but nonetheless my hat's off to Mike and David for everything they've done thus far. You have my respect, and that's not a trivial thing. I hope everyone reading this has done as much or more than I to help spread the word.


Scott J said...

Good show, sir! The next burger at Horse Pens is on me.

Dennis308 said...

I'm not going to Jump for Joy quite yet. Witnesses Talking to Staffers is still a Long way from Hearings,that might still end in Nothing Happening.

Excuse my Pessimism but after the Waco and Ruby Ridge hearings I have little faith in the Senate or Congress(not thier authority but they can put preasure on the Senate) to Actually Convict Anyone from these Alphabet Soup Terrorists Organizations, sill I call my Senators and Congressman in hope that they prove me wrong.


Defender said...

Thanks and congratulations, Mike. I hope everyone in Congress follows through and doesn't let this fizzle out

For one thing, the Brady Coalition's divorce from reality is final.

If that rocket passes Pluto, it may find their missing mental health.

Defender said...

A memorial service for Officer Terry was held today.

Anonymous said...

I contacted Senator Rand Paul's office on this this week, and they said they will look into it.
If I had a Congressman who was not a butt licking DemonRat Communist, I mean butt licking DemonRat Socialist, I mean butt licking DemonRat Libeal I would have called his office too.
It is time to use what political power we have to light a fire.

fireplaceguy said...

I'm with Dennis308 on this. My prediction about our new "conservative" congress is that it will be a repeat of Newt's "Contract With America" in 1994.

In retrospect, that whole show was a placebo. They passed a bunch of bills, but nothing really changed. Business as usual has been the name of their game for decades, and their game never changes.

If you really want to understand our government, there's a manual already in print. You can get it at any used book store, for a couple of bucks. The title is "The Godfather"...