Monday, January 10, 2011

"Gotcha Sheriff Clarence 'Jackass' Dupnik" -- There is more to this story than Deputy Dawg has let on. Loughner's friend in the Sheriff's Department

By way of Pete at WRSA.

Jared Loughner is a product of Sheriff Dupnik’s office.


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Is there a way to corroborate these allegations, through FOIA, perhaps?

Cranky_Yankee said...

Best line on Foxnews today.

"He should be investigating not pontificating".


Of course information recently brought to light proves the point, the police are nothing more than hacks of the political machine,
enforcing law where they see fit, rather than being equally applied.

"Only Ones" anybody.

pdxr13 said...

Of course, medical privacy laws will prevent us from finding out "for sure" about Laughner's use of anti-depressant drugs with known homicidal/suicidal/erratic emotional behavior "side-effects" (meaning unadvertised/undesirable effects, not minor or trivial effects) in young people (ie: lots of people).

It's not called "dope" for no reason.

I had a couple of vendors at a sale comment to me "thank goodness the shooter wasn't a crazed Mexican boy who might have qualified for The Dream Act". To which I asked "why?", getting me a glare probably meaning "you ought to know, and i'm not saying".

Still wondering why a US Congresswoman meeting "the public" doesn't have a rent-a-cop in tow for a few hours. I'd be sporting some deep-cover kevlar and a concealed pistol (as well as a couple of $100+/hr high-speed/low-drag ninja warrior security guards circulating, at least one female) if I was an AZ congresscritter meetin' & greetin' in a public place with unvetted folks.


Defender said...

The System REFUSES to protect you, and refuses to let you protect yourself.
That doesn't leave much.
I heard that attendees used a FOLDING CHAIR on Loughner, for lack of anything more potent. A person carrying concealed was coming out of a store, heard shooting and ran to help. Loughner was disarmed by the time he got there, so he didn't need to draw his handgun. Fortunately for him, considering this sheriff.

Happy D said...

Jared Loughner is a product of Sheriff Dupnik’s office.

Well golly that explains a lot.

Gaviota said...

I have to note, for the record, that the political right did NOT demonize the political left when Ronald Reagan was shot.

The political left, however, did go into it's predictable, insane, and gleeful blood dance.

Anonymous said...

Defender one of the guys who tackled him was carrying. He said that he was glad he did not shoot him because he had to stand trial for what he did. I am sure that is simply him reconciling the situation. I suspect he acted because he did not have time to draw his weapon. Something that all of the folks who think they only need a gun to solve all their potential problems need to ponder. You may not have time to draw from concealed and you better be able to act with a level of skill until you CAN draw.
Get some training in open hand and edged weapon combat. You will be adding another tool to your box and you may drop a few pounds from your gut. Its something I am working on myself.


Dennis308 said...

Just another case of one of
"Them" protecting one of there own. Only difference is this time is One of Their Own bit one of their Bosses.

Defender said...

Good advice, Grenadier1. Glad to learn that someone already in the crowd was armed, even if a neutralization didn't work out.