Monday, January 10, 2011

The Curious Case of the Walking M-16s by L. Neil Smith

Let me repeat that for our slower readers in Keene, New Hampshire: the BATFE is smuggling semiautomatic weapons into Mexico to support their claim that the drug cartels are being equipped by American gun dealers.


Anonymous said...

And L.Neil still thinks we should have open borders. "Just as immigration opponets are cynically...".

Its anarchists like this, or as they would call themselves "purists", who are giving the libertarian idea a bad name.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

The connection isn't a direct one, but this video is, I think, at least tangentially related.

Paul said...

Not to be overly picky, but would an M-16 be an automatic rifle? I hate to nit pike, but we beat them up about it all the time.

Don't doubt one bit the ATF would create evedience for proof of statements.

Defender said...

We HAVE open borders, Anonymous. (Except for Americans who travel abroad and then return. In that case, you BETTER have your documents in order or you ain't gettin' back in.) It is to the benefit of the authoritarians in government that we do, so we do. Sanctuary cities drawing people from socialist countries who won't know the difference when they vote for anti-American candidates like Obama.
You didn't think it was due to government incompetence and negligence, did you?
Also, Corporate America is tired of paying employee benefits. If you're here illegally, you can't report them for abuse.
Supply and demand for "animate capital" that's cheap and disposable.

Mark Matis said...

Fro Defender:
Actually, to keep the Unions happy the courts have now ruled that illegals CAN INDEED sue for abuse without ANY FEAR of being deported. Not that deportation has been likely ANYWAY for QUITE A FEW years now.

GrayMan said...

Paul to answer your question, an M-16 is not an automatic weapon since you have to pull the trigger after each shot unless your on tri-burst then its every 3 rounds, a Squad AutoMatic weapon or Saw, m-60, M2 .50 cal, etc, one thing you will knotice with these three weapons is that they are belt fed. those are considered an automatic weapon since you just hold the trigger down till you run out of ammo but that is not a good way to use precious ammo, short controlled bursts of three rounds to 5 rounds.

Anonymous said...

No one rational argues for open borders. Just as no one rational advocates breaking people's windows or arming people to the teeth.

The USA is the most heavily armed country on earth. There are 90 guns for every 100 people. Over 500 people a day are shot in this country, including suicides.

Doesn't this bother you at all? I will remain anonymous on this site, as I consider you to be a dangerous person.

jack said...


Are you aware this country had pretty much open border policy till 1920s?

tom said...

Paul, that would depend on the Fire Control Group and related parts in the M-16. There are some that were issued or modified to be semi-only.

I've seen plenty of semi-auto only M-16s over the years just like I've seen plenty of ARs with M-16 parts in them.

If you have a registered auto-sear/fire-control group, it doesn't need be "married" to a particular firearm, either, as the sear is considered a MG in and of itself and any rifles you have around it could potentially fit in that are in a semi-auto configuration are NOT MGs. You can have a Stoner pattern rifle, or many of them, maybe an assortment of uppers, and one registered sear that counts as one solitary MG all by itself that could be used in any lower.

Defender said...

Washington Post continues the Mexican guns lie as it calls for civil war.

Anonymous said...

My soul weeps for what I fear is in store for this nation, this wonderful experiment of ideas we call Liberty.

Defender said...

Full-auto M-16s and AK-47s -- and Russian RPGs and Browning 50.-cal machine guns, as seen in police press conferences (along with literally tons of cocaine and marijuana -- from points south like Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. Semi-auto AR-15s -- our workhorse American militia rifle -- confiscated from Americans and smuggled into Mexico from here.

Scary Big Gun Man, Stalker of Anonny Mouses said...

Be honest - do YOU write some of the more openly idiotic posts signed "anonymous' to give us a laugh? If so, it's OK, they are hysterically funny.
My fave, so far -

"Over 500 people a day are shot in this country, including suicides. "
:o) :o) :o)
Which would work out to what, about
182,500 people per year... so that in a period of five years, every human being in the USA has been shot.
Must have just been a flesh wound for me - I never even felt it. Just call me 'The Duke'.