Sunday, January 23, 2011

Peggy Noonan pronouces me a person of "bad intent." Yeah? So deal with it.

Civilian, noun (sĭ-vĭl'yən)

1. A person following the pursuits of civil life, especially one who is not an active member of the military, the police, or a belligerent group.

2. A person who does not belong to a particular group or engage in a particular activity.

3. A specialist in Roman or civil law.


Of or relating to civilians or civil life; nonmilitary: civilian clothes; a civilian career. -- American Heritage Dictionary.

Peggy Noonan, former speechwriter for Ronald Reagan who Pete at WRSA rightly calls a Filthy Menopausal Collectivist RINO, has chimed in on the subject of military magazines for semi-auto rifles and pistols in this op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal. The offending snippet:

Here are three things (Obama) can do in the speech that would be surprising, shrewd, centrist and good policy. The first may seem small but is not. Normal people are not afraid of a lowering of discourse in political speech. They don't like it, but it's not keeping them up nights. Normal people are afraid of nuts with guns. That keeps them up nights. They know our society has grown more broken, families more sundered, our culture more degraded, and they fear it is producing more lost and disturbed young people. They fear those young people walking into a school or a mall with a semiautomatic pistol with an extended clip.

What civilian needs a pistol with a magazine that loads 33 bullets and allows you to kill that many people without even stopping to reload? No one but people with bad intent. Those clips were banned once; the president should call for reimposing the ban. The Republican Party will not go to the wall to defend extended clips. The problem is the Democratic Party, which overreached after the assassinations of the 1960s, talked about banning all handguns, and suffered a lasting political setback. Now Democrats are so spooked they won't even move forward on small and obvious things like this. The president should seize the moment and come out strong for a ban.

Now I've never met Peggy Noonan and she's never met me, but if she's willing to pronounce me a person of "bad intent" then I'm comfortable with that characterization.

Let's skip over the whole "clip" vs. "magazine" terminology ignorance, though Noonan uses them interchangeably, and get to the point.

Noonan asks: "What civilian needs a pistol with a magazine that loads 33 bullets and allows you to kill that many people without even stopping to reload?"

There is more than one arrogant presumption in that sentence. The first is that she, Noonan, has the right to define what our "need" is. She doesn't.

The second is that the natural, God-given and inalienable rights codified in the Second Amendment are subject to her agreement upon that Mandarin opinion of "need." She might as well ask, "What civilian needs two laptops?" Or, who needs two cellular phones? Two cars? Two websites?

Third is the characterization of the armed citizenry as mere "civilians." We are not. We are the Unorganized Militia of the various states. The presumption is that only a member of the military or police is qualified to have a magazine of more than ten rounds. The 1775 equivalent would have been to advocate that only the King's troops could carry a full ammunition pouch because only they were "competent" and could be trusted to use firepower wisely. What Noonan is buying into here, without explicitly saying it, is that only the federal government should have a "monopoly of force." Let us hope her proposal doesn't get adopted into law, because then we'll have to test that theory and Noonan won't like where THAT goes.

Then Noonan answers her own question:

No one but people with bad intent.

Of course the real answer depends upon the situation. What if you substitute the following for "people"?

"Gang bangers bashing in your front door."

"Hooded Ku Klux Klansmen with guns and a rope in your front yard."

"Nazi Einsatzgruppen murderers wanting to put you on a train."

"A Khmer Rouge 'relocation' team in your village."

Those are all sub-categories of "people." Does Noonan believe that anyone who defends themselves against such "people" are persons of "bad intent"?

There is no house rule that says that tyranny cannot come to America. If and when it does, I want to be able to kill as many of those classes of people as I can without reloading. More to the point, I will not give up the military magazines I have, nor will I be restrained by any unconstitutional law forbidding their possession, manufacture, or sale.

Then Noonan calls for a ban:

Those clips were banned once; the president should call for reimposing the ban.

Now of course the last time they did that, the law only forbade their manufacture and importation. Not even Chucky Schumer was stupid enough to try to confiscate those already in the hands of the armed citizenry. If they had, we would've had a shooting civil war by 1996. I do not know, given Noonan's apparent ignorance of all things firearm, if she is merely advocating the original AWB or something more draconian. Perhaps she doesn't either.

But there is one thing she is dead right about:

The Republican Party will not go to the wall to defend extended clips.

Well, no matter. If they do, the Three Percenters will disobey any further infringements they come up with.

And if that makes me -- and my considerable circle of friends and acquaintances -- persons of "bad intent" then so be it.

Deal with it. We don't think much of your intent either, Peggy.

Mike Vanderboegh
Alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters.


Dennis308 said...

I went to the comments following the article and it would appear that nine out of ten of the people that made remarks think as little of Peggy a most of us(3%ers)do.


Kent McManigal said...

Se asks "What civilian needs a pistol with a magazine that loads 33 bullets and allows you to kill that many people without even stopping to reload?"

I say: anyone facing 33 individuals intent on harming them. Why are we even still talking about silly questions that collectivist idiots ask?

Mark Matis said...

Ms. Noonan is a rather good definition of a Jenny-in-an-elephant-suit. And has been for years.

Keith Olbermann, Seeking Employment as Ayhole said...

Didn't go to waste time on the article but Mark has it right - Noonan apparently lost her mind years ago and turned on all of the conservatives who had supported her in her career's early days. Guess it's that Beltway Anointed Asskissing syndrome.
As for 'extended clips', go ahead and ban them. I don't think you could load 33 rounds into an internal rifle magazine.
Now, if they want to talk about magazines, that would be different.
As Uncle Walter used to say - Effin' Idiots.

Longbow said...

"Why do you think you NEED...." is the master asks of a slave.

I will demonstrate.

I say to you, "Why do you think you need to draw breath?"

You reply in exasperation, "Well, if I don't breathe, I'll die!"

I then say firmly, "Alright then, I'll permit you to breathe, but I'LL DECIDE WHEN AND HOW MUCH!"

Do you see how this works?

Never EVER respond to such a question. You're reply should be, "How dare you presume to ask such a thing?"

Scott J said...

I wrote Noonan off back in 2008 when she endorsed the idea of voting for the current marxist in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Who ever came up with *10* as being the magic number of boolitz that are 'good' and more as being 'bad'???

When someone can *logically* explain that to me I'll consider listening. (We know no one can.) Until then, leave me the hell alone and quit infringing on my right to defend myself from petty criminals to tyrants. As there is no real difference between petty criminals and tyrants, except maybe the petty part, is there?

Bob Katt

Jimmy the Saint said...

Peggy worshipped at the altar of the Obamessiah in '08. She's a statist, through and through

ironwill said...

She's making the false argument that each of those 33 bullets from that hi-cap mag will kill one person each. As anyone with a brain can see, this was not the case in Tuscon despite the use of that 'evil' hi-cap magazine.


Anonymous said...

In the "war of words", Lets limit miss Noonan to have a "10 word vocabulary". Or maybe a 10 KB computer........mthead III

tom said...

Who needs hi-caps when you have BELTS?

Anonymous said...

lmao i find it funny how 33 rounds kill 33 people.lmao with a hand gun in a crowd really?lmao not even the most trained could do that.besides that what she is saying without know it is,shes ok with 1 to 10 bullets which if your thinking as she does as in killing people. then it's ok to kill 1 to 10 people but not 33? what a waste of flesh she and the likes are.

no what she means is we don't give a shit about people dying this is a step to control you and take away the power to protect yourself.will start with something small "they work in what i like to call baby steps"then later we will come back and take the rest.they love to work like this they take just enough to raise an eyebrow or piss people off alil.but not enough to make them want to disrupt there way of life to do anything about it.

people need to wake up to this fact.people plz wake the fuck up....

Defender said...

Reportedly new at Obama's support for gun control including renewing the semi-auto and magazine bans and following the philosophy of CeaseFire Inc concerning "urban violence.

I'm about to write a reporter I used to work with (for 30 years) before half of us were laid off. He says semi-autos need to be taken away, period, but despairs that it can probably never be done.
I supported the trade union against management abuses forever. I spoke up through emails and out loud. I was one hell of a nice guy to everyone there, including this ultraliberal, misinformed civil rights reporter. We quoted Gandhi and the Dalai Lama to each other about human dignity and freedom.
And he wants me dead on my floor in my pajamas over 1880s technology.

By the way, House Majority Leader Eric "PATRIOT Act" Cantor says Obama's citizenship doesn't matter. He says "birthers" aren't crazy, though, because it's not nice to call anyone crazy.
Mark well those words.

Pat H. said...

Noonan is a former "looker" that got lots of invitations from the ruling elite, with her previous beauty fading, now does anything to stay on the "A" list.

It's sad and pathetic, really.

Radar said...

Even if they somehow got a ban on the Hi-Cap magazines, they aren't smart enough to realize that everyone would just carry more magazines.

Defender said...

They have to not mind at all if this happens to us. The Blair Hit Project.

Defender said...

Look at these photos. Is calling them "swastika-carriers," implying Nazism, a fair and accurate description? Nancy Pelosi has complained ebout them. So did Gabrielle Giffords. It "doesn't help the debate" when citizens compare modern socialistic unconstitutional mandates to National Socialistic Germany's. Hits too close to home.
We don't want statists physically harmed, we just want them to leave us alone.

Defender said...

Christians under attack for insisting morality comes from belief in God. He does everything short of calling them fascists.
Pay close attention to the deliberate misinterpretation of Christine O'Donnell's answer to the question about sheltering Jews from Nazis.
I've never seen it like this before.

Ace said...

"Normal people are afraid of nuts with guns."

Normal people are also afraid of nuts with baseball bats. Will outlawing guns or any of their components keep them out of the hands of nuts? Aren't guns one of the ways we defend ourselves against nuts?

"What civilian needs a pistol with a magazine that loads 33 bullets and allows you to kill that many people without even stopping to reload? No one but people with bad intent."

Here, Peggy tries to imply a connection between "nuts" and people with high-cap "magazines." There is no rational connection; it's all emotion.

Another error in her "thinking": so if someone had to reload between each killing, then it would be OK?

Anonymous said...

Noonan, is supposed to be the "intellectual Republican" type. The one who is capable of bridging the gap and explaining things to the unwashed as their "friend" and also turning the "misguided" left from destructive courses of action by "intelligent compromises," which in essence means slowing down the process of socialization to avoid a backlash.

She basically agrees that Marx was right and of sound thought and the only question is implementation and the time line.

You'll find many like her within Republican ranks, including such notables as George Will, who never seems to mind "assault weapons bans," for all of Ms. Noonan's same reasons. They are for the Constitution, except for the parts they don't like and feel qualified to tell the rest of us what we should think and say and do. Just like the Marxists.

The only difference is that they prefer lethal injections for executions instead of bullets, ropes and plastic bags because they're "yucky." Her fellow travelers, the hardcore Marxists aren't nearly so squeamish and have limited uses for her as well.

Anonymous said...

My reply to Ms. Noonan,
I fully recognize your first amendment right to freedom of speech and of the press. Unfortunately, only people with bad intent need more than say, 33 words per magazine to get their point across.
Like this:
"The State of the Union Address is usually among the most important and least memorable of presidential speeches. The speech itself, in an august setting, is an opportunity for a president to break"
I'll let you finish your thought tomorrow, after you reload.


Anonymous said...

Normal people are afraid of nuts with guns. That keeps them up nights. They know our society has grown more broken, families more sundered, our culture more degraded, and they fear it is producing more lost and disturbed young people.--Peggy Noonan

Given there are so many lost and disturbed young people, isn't this a great argument for us decrepit geezers owning a few 33-round magazines--just in case? ;^)

Pat H. said...

Make no mistake about it, Defender, we're at war with the US government already. The progressive/fascists, which have much in common with the National Socialist German Workers Party (the real name of the NAZIs) in that they hate Christians as a group, along with most of the "fly-over country", and would exterminate you and I if they could do so.

You may wish them no harm, I do. I want them gone from my land and will use any honorable method to make that happen.

Kent McManigal said...

"Normal people are afraid of nuts with guns."

Sorry, but I don't live in fear, so I must not be "normal".

I'm not afraid of nuts with guns, baseball bats, or even "laws- unless I allow those nuts to disarm me first. Even in that case my fear would only last until I found some other way of eliminating the threat. Which wouldn't be too long.

still free said...

If your neighbor insist that you be dissarmed, calls you names and then wants to have access to your financial info, then insist on being allowed to enter your home any time they want to. you have defined someone with bad intent. those who would deny you the tools to defend yourself and your family so they may sleep better are mentaly ill (and evil) and unfit to serve as leaders in our country

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Nutcasenoonan can flap her trap all she wants 'bout +10 round clips, cans, mags or what ever. 'Doesn't bother me one bit. The number of rounds define a "limit!!" As my buddy Caz, USMC Retired, would close his correspondences with this....
"God grant me the serenity to accept the difficulties in Life.
A "Belt Fed*" weapon.....
enough ammo to resolve the situation
...and enough fuel to get back to base camp
*belt fed weapon capacity,"unlimited!!"
How ya' gonna' deal with them apples Mizz Nutcasenoonan??


Ed said...

Adapt and overcome that magazine capacity restriction problem. Go larger in caliber and become more effective with less quantity - .45 ACP for pistols and .308 or 7.62x51mm for rifles or possibly .50 BMG.
Practice, practice, practice.

Anonymous said...

I aim to misbehave

Defender said...

Here's a person of bad intent. She stops herself JUST SHORT of calling for riots as she has before, except not on live TV.

The mortgage industry crash was just "poor people taking advantage of their legal benefits" by buying McMansions with high-risk adjustab;e-rate loans as layoffs cascaded around them.

Note how the MSNBC guy says "I hope you're all right. Take care of yourself. It's a dangerous world out there."
He looks like one of The Young Turks, bloggers who really have no use for RIGHT-wing speech at all.

Unknown said...

Noonan would be well advised to read all the personal histories and videos posted on the net by Argentines who thus far have survived a financial collapse similar to the one we face by the continued printing and debasing of our national dollar by criminal offshore bankers and would be tyrants. Three day rapes, torture kidnappings are still almost everyday occurrences there. I want a thousand round magazine.

Anonymous said...

Intents, good or bad, never hurt anyone.
Actions do.

B Woodman

Drew Rinella said...