Friday, February 5, 2016

The Three Percent concepts of Duty, Discernment, Honor, Principle and Discipline.

The Three Percent idea, the movement, the ideal, was designed to be a simple, powerful concept that could not be infiltrated or subjected to agents provocateurs like many organizations that I observed in the constitutional militia movement of the 90s. In this I was both correct and dead wrong, as I have been battling folks almost since the beginning who have misunderstood, deliberately or not, what the Three Percent was in history, what it is today and what its aims are for the future. . . These four principles -- moral strength, physical readiness, no first use of force and no targeting of innocents -- are the hallmarks of the Three Percent ideal. Anyone who cannot accept them as a self-imposed discipline in the fight to restore the Founders' Republic should find something else to do and cease calling themselves a "Three Percenter." "A Brief Three Percent Catechism -- A discipline not for the faint-hearted."
The recent (and continuing) debacle of the Malheur occupation and (especially) the poor performances of some claiming to be "Three Percenters" whose lack of judgment and discernment rivaled Chicken Little's and whose comprehension of the duty, honor and principle inherent in the Threeper concept was sadly lacking if not non-existent demands a further explication of the Three Percent Catechism. First and foremost is the recognition that the Three Percent are men and women bound by a philosophy consisting of Duty, Discernment, Honor, Principle and Discipline. Such words are used these days with little real comprehension of what they actually mean. Let us therefore go to the dictionary to refresh our memories, shall we? I have selected those portions of the definitions that apply to the Three Percent most particularly.
Duty is defined as "a moral or legal obligation or the force of moral obligation."
We are bound by our fidelity to liberty and the Founders Republic, by our oaths to protect and defend those concepts and the American people from any and all tyranny and conspiracy against their God-given, natural and inalienable rights. This is not negotiable. It is not honored in the breach. It is an intimate, almost holy, thing. It is not honored in the breach, nor is it subject to negotiation.
Discernment is "the ability to see and understand people, things, or situations clearly and intelligently."
Without discernment, it is all too easy to fall into stupidity and error, every bit of which is exploited by the enemies of liberty to deceive, discredit and defeat us in our duty.
Honor consists of "a keen sense of ethical conduct and integrity."
The Founders spoke of their "sacred honor." It is honor that binds us to our duty, to our principles, to the discipline required for discernment: to think through things before we act.
Principle is "a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption; a rule or code of conduct; habitual devotion to right principles."
Our principles trace back to the Founding generation and to the distant past that informed their struggle for true liberty, for a republic of limits on government and backstopped by the rule of law, whether the threat was dictator, demagogue or Collectivist tyrant.
Finally, Discipline is " training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character; self-control; a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity.
Without discipline, duty, discernment, honor and principle are constantly threatened with discredit and defeatism. Discipline is the glue that binds them, and us, all together. Remove any one of these essentials and the Three Percenter who embraces the error MUST fail. Indeed, without any one of them, he or she is no Three Percenter at all. Hold tight to them all, and we can fight and win against any tyranny or combination of tyrannies.


Anonymous said...

I predict that Ammon Bundy still being in jail is a signal. I submit that his recent statements are a signal. It is in the courts now. It is my hope that he is able to extract concessions by being willing to force a plea deal that government ABSOLUTELY wants in order to avoid trial.

This will show everyone that even the wrong thing and the wrong time in the wrong place can produce positive results - the biggest mistake was falling for the lynching setup and a man being assassinated. Regardless of that, what will be shown here in the end is that government is not the invincible unbeatable force it portends to be.

Consider it a break, a chink, in the armor for all to see. In that light, LaVoy didn't have to die for nothing. This is indeed the beginning. And a ball is now rolling that can never be stopped.

Here is the important thing. The next stand, which is no doubt coming, must be of the variety and base that Mike V describes in this piece. It has to be straight legit, in the right place, about the right things. First and Foremost, and with absolute adherence - there can be no gubment agents in at the ground level. If there is a plant growing, causing Payne, then the entire situation must be abandoned before it even gets going. We cannot fall victim to the government chicanery again.

Anonymous said...

The question is when the SHTF, who are the innocents that III% will not target ?
According to Mr. Special K , who is quoted from one recent PATCON, "even the little old lady who works in the tax office will be a legitimate target by my team."
I personally believe that 99% of all military and police officer should not be targets either. Three percent "patriots" had better hope and pray they are on our side when the SHTF but they will not be if the anarchist of the III% movement keep controlling the talking points.

Chiu ChunLing said...

When the Founders spoke of their "sacred honor", they were speaking of something they were putting at risk by abandoning their traditional allegiance to the Crown.

It may seem a small point, but it is a crucial one. When the signatories to the Declaration of Independence put their lives and fortunes on the line, they also cast aside concerns for what all other men and the judgment of history might be.

We can't keep posing for the admiration of a society too corrupt to save itself any longer.

Not and maintain any hope of victory in the face of events which will render the opinions of the masses irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

#4 lives matter! Still holding strong here! We're us our patriots?? (Sean).