Monday, February 15, 2016

"Lessons From My Father: How To Run A Secret Agent."

"People always want to talk, you just need to make them think you're their friend."


Chiu ChunLing said...

The biases of this fellow are all pretty interesting to see. But you don't really understand them until the end.

"To see a child go off in uniform? I couldn’t bear it. Remember your mother talking about [a good friend] seeing his child go off to Vietnam and realizing that the child was trying to impress him? Oh, God. How do you live with that? [CIA Director] Allen Dulles was totally in favor of the Korean War and his son was this brilliant, brilliant, brilliant young man who wanted to make his father proud—he went off to Korea and had the back of his head blown off, came back a vegetable for the rest of time— boy, how do you live with that?"

You sincerely believe that some virtues are more important than life itself, and you fear your children losing those more than you fear their deaths. You believe that some part of you can endure past death, can overcome time and mortality.

For most people that's connected with an idea of Deity and the Afterlife, but variations exist all the way down to just believing it's how the world is better or worse after you die because of how you lived your life. I don't find a lot of philosophical validity in that, what does that mean if everyone is going to die anyway and that's the end of them all? If there's no eternal good of any individual person then what does it matter if humans die out and are replaced by something more fitted to survive?

But you have to believe in something, more than the good of your body or the seed of your loins. And you have to believe it throughly, you can't believe it only of your own life and you can't believe it only of everyone else's life, when it comes right down to it.

Otherwise you can only live your life by avoiding thinking about what it means, because it doesn't really mean anything in the end. A lot of people live that way these days.

I don't envy them.

Anonymous said...

Besides reading this article to view the guys personal life story, lessons can be drawn by understanding the mentality of the way he's using people here. And it all boils down to something very, very simple to me. And I'll say what it is in a minute. I've replied often on this blogsite in reference to one keeping one's mouth shut and learning it at an early age in Brooklyn back in the 60-70's era. More crooks and murderers have been arrested in NYC by them shooting their mouth off bragging about the crime while piss drunk in a bar. The "ego" seems to have no boundaries when bragging about one's doings, especially in reference to a person who hasn't done much in their life and have a basically low I.Q. Now, here's my point: if anyone has any plans on who, what, where, and when they need to make a claim against the "100 Heads Life and Casualty Co." then for heaven's sake - KEEP YOUR GOD DAMN MOUTH SHUT! If it wasn't for loudmouths this spy never would have any info on anything at anytime. Think about that. Total dumbbells that worked as hitters for the mob have had the ability to keep their mouth shut. We ALL must play the same game. Never tell anyone what you're up to; not friends, not family and of course not on the internet. Let your actions be the reason you can lay in your coffin when the end comes and have a certain little smile on your face; that "cat that got the canary" type of smile. You know what you did and that should be enough for ya..."Loose lips sink ships" - so if you don't want to sink the whole damn ship and everyone else one it - shut the fu&% up!..