Friday, February 12, 2016

Four from Herschel Smith.

Sheriff Says Texas Open Carry Is Not A Problem
Dear Sheriff Jim Arnott, I’m Not Sure I Believe You’re Being Honest With Us
General Motors Fires Employee For Using A Gun To Stop A Knife Attack
Donald Trump: “I Always Carry A Gun”


Anonymous said...

RE: the Trump article

People were not allowed to carry a firearm at the Trump rallies in Iowa. A disingenuous position by Trump, at best. I have open carried around Second Amendment-supporting people like Santorum and Jindal. Jindal didn't even have a bodyguard detail surrounding him.

Chiu ChunLing said...

I'm not opposed to open carry.

But I am a big fan of concealed carry, and I generally think that you should only open carry if you have a concealed backup (license or not). Further, I think that the decision to open carry (or carry at all) shouldn't be taken lightly. I don't favor any laws actually preventing people from taking it lightly (other than normal liability for any damages you cause by negligent or intentional discharges), but I have zero problem with people coming out and saying, "think hard about your situation before carrying, especially open carry."

Open carrying is inherently more dangerous than concealed carry, even if it provides social benefits (including deterrence from random crime in your vicinity) that concealed carry does not provide as effectively. The fact of the matter is that open carriers do get targeted, and the ability of an openly displayed gun to deter random crime doesn't alter that.

Most crimes do not reach the level of irrevocable violence without any warning. And if you get shot first without warning, you don't save anyone anyway. We're really only talking about cases where the criminal aggressor threatens people before opening fire, especially one-shotting anyone. If you're concealed carrying, and not the one being immediately threatened, your odds of taking the aggressor out are dramatically increased, and you're not likely to have any less time before someone gets killed.

And you're more likely to actually have a per the GM story. I'm also a fan of private property laws, but someone who doesn't accept full liability for anything that might happen to you or those around you because you didn't have a gun has no business telling you you can't have one concealed. That's the flip-side of meaningful private property rights, they come with responsibilities, just like any other actual right.

Anonymous said...

....GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and his daughter have reportedly donated at least $105,000 to the anti-gun Clinton Foundation, the group behind the Clinton Global Citizen Award, presented to anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg by anti-gun Vice President Joe Biden, for being the “most fierce and most effective advocate that we have on the matter of gun sanity.” (The Clinton Foundation is also currently under fire for alleged corruption and conflicts of interest related to questionable foreign donations and lack of related reporting.)

Over the past decade, Trump has also given massive amounts of money not only to Democrats but the most liberal and most corrupt anti-gun Democrats, such as Charles Schumer, Frank Lautenberg, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid and Charlie Rangel. He has also given six figures in recent years to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and supported anti-gunner John Kerry in 2004."

Anonymous said...

People need to see that Trump doesn't know jack shit about the right to keep and bear arms. He uses it like its a toy at a rally. It really makes me sick.

Early in life he was all for the rifle ban. Some say he has evolved, but that isn't really true. Today he is all about the permission slip. Right? His own policy position paper is clear about that (and his abject failure to understand privileges and immunities) and he likens the right to carry to a driver license.

All that has changed his the permissions he chooses to have government allow. His fundamental position, that government is on control and issues us permissions, remains EXACTLY as it was when he touted support for the semi auto rifle ban.

Notice he does not talk about the current ban on manufacture of select fires. WHY?
Simple, his permissions aren't all that different than they were decades ago.

Donald Trump says he is for the Second Amendment, but in truth he is for government control OVER the Second Amendment.

Wake Up America!