Monday, February 29, 2016

Demagogue claims ignorance of the Klan while Jeff Sessions becomes latest cheerleader for the Trump Chump Parade, meanwhile we have Kurt Schlichter's permission not to vote for the shape shifter.

"Trump has the potential to be a disaster of epic proportions."" Mighty white of you Kurt, if not exactly principled.


rexxhead said...

This is where all those "lesser of two evils" decisions have led us. We are now faced with blatant evil and not-quite-as-blatant evil. What we (you) have sown, we (you) now reap.

Thank you, thank you, all you 'principled' GOP voters-of-the-past who have arranged to give us all such a choice: wormy flour, rancid butter, and rat droppings. Yumm!

So, what's the game plan now, ladies?

TheBohunk said...

Much different from Schlicter's previous writings concerning Trump. He is now finding excuses to support him, or not support him. I suppose in five months we will be told that those of us that want no part of a Trump presidency are the problem.

Very disappointed in Schlicter.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a con man, always has been and always will be. This con man will run to the right in the primary and then run to the left in the general.

At least he is telling us who he will rule like by now openly quoting Benito, don't ya know!

Anonymous said...

Trump is the symptom of all the lies from the media and the political royal class coming home.
He can't be stopped. Let's just hope he is a better President than Hillary or Bernie. Your continued belief that Hillary will be indicted is simply wishful thinking. We are far too gone for anything like that. Ford might have pardoned Nixon but they lost a generation of people who lost trust in the Feds after that single act. look at the incredible scandals in the last 7 years. We became a banana republic around late 2009.
You may have to leave us soon but there will be blood.

Bad Cyborg said...

Rexxhead, now you know why I plan to sit out the election come next November. Plan to be above 7,000 ft in the Gila National Forest in a tent with my little dog hermitting. I doubt there will be many others out. Gets kinda cold that high that late in the year. I want to be away from civilization. I definitely do not want to be anywhere where I can watch the election. Figure to come down Thursday or Friday, stage through my son's place and come home on Saturday. I will have already instructed my son not to tell me anything about the election and I plan to drive home Saturday with the car radio off.

Sometimes I feel like a man standing high on a bluff watching two trains, both running flat out and on the same track, approaching each other around a blind curve. I am powerless to do anything to avert the coming disaster. And my family is on one of the trains!

Chiu ChunLing said...

"And besides, if he’s nominated, I’ll be too busy stockpiling food and fortifying my rural apocalypse compound to try to convince you otherwise."

Why is anyone still letting politics distract them from preparing for the inevitable?

ELLO said...

We're on the eve of revolution, don't you see it?
Trump the "demagogue" is irrelevant. People aren't pro Trump as much as they're anti Establishment. The jigs up.

Anonymous said...

Rather have Trump than Hillary or Bernie, eh?

Anonymous said...

"Ancient Socialists" What a Drama Queen. Hilary Clinton is younger than Donald Trump.

Gator McCluskey said...

Well said ELLO. why people can't understand this is just baffling

Anonymous said...

Those who say they will stay home, or even vote for Hillary, are admitting that they are perfectly fine with the status quo, the de facto one party system, the constant capitulation of the republicrats to whatever facists like Obama and Hillary want, and living under a totalitarian dictatorship. They are saying they prefer all of the above versus dethroning the republicrat establishment.

So if Trump proves to be the con man who goes back on his campaign rheotoric, I guess that would make him just like Rubio and all the rest of the RINO cucks. Or let's that he proves to be not only a Mussolini, but one who strives to be even worse than Hillary. (First, I ask all of those who think Trump is so evil to explain what they think he will, and be specific.)

Regardless, here is why it would be good for the republican party if Trump wins and tried to do all the evil things you fear: because it will cause the republican party to learn how to oppose once again. That's right, if Hillary wins, the republicans will continue to roll over on everything, just like they have been doing under Obama. But if Trump tries to do anything bad, all of a sudden the repubs will learn how to stand up and fight once again. They'll reject bad SCOTUS appointees. Heck, they'd even go for impeachment if called for. They might even start to have some sound principles. And this is a bad thing?