Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Betting the constitutional farm on a cult of personality. An interesting question: "Do you really want Donald Trump choosing the next Supreme Court justice(s)?"

"It is, by the way, impossible to imagine Trump writing a similarly erudite essay on President Obama’s abuse of executive authority, though it’s quite easy to imagine Trump engaging in similar and, indeed, much worse abuses."


Chiu ChunLing said...

No. I don't want anyone continuing to play along with the farcical notion that the current government is in some sense Constitutional or adheres to any limits on its power.

Promulgating the belief that the FedGov is Constitutionally legitimate is a worse crime than anything Obama has yet managed to commit. Not for lack of trying, of course.

Anonymous said...

This is the question I asked the day Trump declared his run. I was cast aside as asking a question that mattered not. The Trumpettes just soldiered on as if Trump is the absolution of all things prior and the benefactor of all grand prizes to come forth after his election.

A President Donald Trump will be worse than Obama and here is why. Obama knows the Constitution, though he ignores it, Donald does not even afford it any credence. To Donald, Government is just the omniscient entity, with every absolute power, allowing its underlings the permissions deemed appropriate at the time.

If Trump is elected, then we all have no more questions to ask or time to wait - the Republic itself will be officially dead.

Ironically - SCOTUS appointments won't even matter now, will they.
Keep your power dry - and ready to go. Time grows short.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the question is: do you want Hilary choosing the next Supreme Court justice? Because the only other republican candidate that could possibly beat Hilary is Cruz and he's NOT ELEIGIBLE and if he is nominated, he will be destroyed by the libtards and the MSM. Trump can win. Is he the ideal candidate? No! But which one of ANY of the sorry excuses for leaders running for POTUS are? So you say "I'm not voting for any of these losers!" Great! Say hello to President Hilary! There's too much at stake this time to vote your conscience. If you care at all about the future of America, it's time to pick a winner - not your ideal candidate. Trump can beat Hilary and Bernie. And if a democrat is selected in Novemeber, you'd better be ready for hell and death to come to your front door because the fun is over. These people are deadly serious. Time for all of us to get deadly serious. Cruz has too many problems and will lose. The rest of the GOP candidates are a joke. It's Trump or the Hilary Beast. Those are your choices. Period.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
At this point, maybe I'm just "uninformed???" but with the Political climate being what it has been for the last 7 years, a Black version of a product of my child hood, a "Quadroon Howdy Doody" Puppet controlled by strings pulled by Aires and Soros F@(&!ng up our Country with Carta' Blanche what the He2xl do we have to lose??? Maybe it would take this un-ruley Cowboy to turn things around!!!! Hell, I love the old 60's posters in the "Head Shops" of "Ronald Regan" in a "Cowboy outfit" from some old Western move with his stance, gun drawn and the Liberal response,,,,,,,"Thanks for the votes Suckers!!" ....That was when he was Gov of CA. On to the Presidency and we can sure use him back right now!!
Regan was what it took then...............
Maybe Trump is the Man ........Now......
Only, I'd like to see him at "The Range"...The "Gun Range" working out with his 1911-A1 a little more!!! KnowhatImean!!!!!
Got Gunz >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>OUTLAW!!!!!,
PS....."Quadroon" ...What Obummer "IS!!!!" If "BOTH" of his Parent were "Black" he would be "Blacker than the Ace Of Spades!!!!!" 'Not the case....If one of his Parents were Black and the other White he would be a "Mulatto" ..not the case ...so with both parents being "Non Black" we go to the Grand Parents where "Only One Grand parent is "B-L-A-C-K-!!!" That does not make him "Black" he is only a "Q-U-A-D-R-O-O-N-!!!!!"....."ONE QUARTER BLACK!!!!!!!!"

PPS May Marlin Brando Rest in Peace to think that One of his Greatest Roles is being Played in Full Orchestration in our Country by George Soros and Bill Ayres!! Check out the "header" for the movie "The God Father"... Notice the puppet control handle!!!!

PPPS Maybe if he wasn't already dead for some years, "Buffalo" Bob Smith, the voice and Brain of "Howdy Doody" would make a Great President!!...Just Sayin!!!??

Anonymous said...

Slate: Antonin Scalia’s D.C. v. Heller Is The New Roe v. Wade

Slate magazine claimed Feb. 16 that the death of Justice Antonin Scalia makes the seminal gun-rights case District of Columbia v Heller into the new Roe v Wade.

Cruz said:

The four dissenters in Heller said the Second Amendment does not protect any individual right to keep and bear arms. One more liberal justice, and the Supreme Court will overrule Heller. … What that would mean is, the federal government or any state or local government could make it a crime for law-abiding citizens to possess a firearm.


FedUp said...

I'd love to see the Repugnants and the Demoncrats get upset over Trumper's Executive Actions. If the Congresscritters actually got serious about taking back all the duties they've abdicated over the last 200 years, it would go a long way towards fixing this country.

nels said...

No one has convinced me that any other candidate would be any more reliable on judicial appointments than Trump. We know from bitter experience that we can't trust either Republicans or Democrats.

Anonymous said...

I hardly think that Donald Trump could do any WORSE than George W and Obumble did at picking supreme court nominees, and I would think that the World's Greatest Capitalist would do better, if only due to the law of averages.

Anonymous said...

As compared to what?

What is Trump going to do that would be so darn bad?

I would gladly let Trump choose a Supreme Court Justice as compared to Clinton or Sanders.

The Republican party needs to wake up and stop attacking Trump at every turn!
We are tired of all your lies time after time! We are done with it.

TRUMP 2016

Arkindole said...

Ok; I will say this because, even here, there is a growing trend of ignoring adequate vetting of these god-like "conservatives". Every candidate is actually named Bush, with the exception of Trump. Every Bush is actually named Clinton. As soon as any of the red candidates gets close to the top, RNC will take them down with old closet bones. Their delegates will then go to Bush. If it doesn't break that way they will broker a convention; and lose the big dance. Take or leave it; it's my opinion. No change is possible without burning both camps down.

Squelch now set to 5.

Anonymous said...

If you want a loud mouth talk show host for president who has given money to every leftwing group, candidate, cause he can possibly give to, who has been bankrupt 4 times leaving his suppliers holding the bag, who try's to use the power of government to run little old ladies off their property for his on benefit, then Trump is your man, don't ya know!

Anonymous said...

Many FOOLS seem to think that electing Donald will destroy the parties and their control. The problem with that strategy is that Donal Trump is a long time buyer of both parties, funder of both parties and absolutely a contributer to what is so wrong.

He cannot be a solution be a use he is part of the problem. This Trump mania hoopla is a pathetic display of tomfoolery and America is going to regret it in more ways than one.

PO'd American said...

"FedUp said...
I'd love to see the Repugnants and the Demoncrats get upset over Trumper's Executive Actions. If the Congresscritters actually got serious about taking back all the duties they've abdicated over the last 200 years, it would go a long way towards fixing this country."

It would only serve to make the ba$a$rd$ do their constitutional duty...would it make it better? I think not, they are still corrupt.

Anonymous said...

The Repubes brought this Upon themselves!! Fact
They barked anything to get elected, and quickly bowed to the The Dictator in Chief & The DemSocialist's. Fact
They own the House and Senate and FAIL, Constantly. Fact

So, This is Directly, the Repub-Lickings Fault.
NO MERCY on the Traitors! NONE!
I enjoy seeimg them suffer and will enjoy watching them Sell Out the Country More.
Thats all they are capable of and what they do. Fact!!

So the American people have pulled out the Wrecking Ball and Sledge Hammer.
So be it.

Anonymous said...

"We're just 1 justice away from the Constitution being destroyed"

For one to make that argument, the Constitution has been long shredded. The above argument is just bitching about the duct tape falling off of the remains.

Seriously. The above play is that we need a Justice King who will stand in its place and channel its corpse, because the document itself no longer stands.

That's a fair strategy. It is a duct tape fix, but it is a fair strategy.

Others might suggest we just let the wind blow the scraps away, already, so that the States can no longer deny that they are Colonies of the Federal Govt, and are forced to assert their sovereignty again. The sooner, the better, and the less of a wound that assertion will create.

The same argument is often made for Trump; nobody gives a damn what he believes. All that matters is that the Federal Government and the Parties are stripped naked, exposed for what they are, forcing States to assert sovereignty against it in defense.

That, or throw some more duct tape at the issue and let it fester another 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Trump was on msnbc tonight for town hall meeting. Interviewed by Joe Scarborough and Mika blonde chick. He also took questions from audience. In first segment of show he unequivocally states the Heller decision would be used as a litmus test for choosing a Supreme Court Justice.

Anonymous said...

There has been no Republic since the war of Northern Aggression. In this era of declining resources, rural white christians have been chosen to take the role the kulaks died for in 30s Stalinist Russia. Those resources belong to the people, comrade. As noted above, things will only get worse- faster, maybe with a democrat... but a right wing tyrant will only plug a few holes in the sinking ship until the inevitable: the ship goes down.

Anonymous said...

Your faith in eggheads with too slick voices is commendable, assuming your man is truthful (the slick tongue makes me doubt it).

He will be irrelevant. Assuming he wins he will be irrelevant.

Name a single counter-revolutionary accomplishment in the U.S. government since Nixon.

You can't can you.

Trump represents the open acknowledgment of a corrupt government and he is accustomed to dealing with corrupt governments.

Plus I like his style. A lot. He's surrounded by knock outs.

The others?

Not so much.

If we're to be led by clowns, I want my clown to be surrounded by babes and people that see the world as I see it.

Not those other clowns in their land of make-believe.

Anonymous said...

Trump would another Obama: thin-skinned, petulant, authoritarian and not caring a whit for the Constitution.

Trump supported the Assault Weapons Ban. A couple of month's ago when Obama and the Democrats said they wanted to stop Americans on the vaguely-defined "terrorist watch list" (which has over 1 million names) from being able to buy a gun, Trump supported it.

Trump is an enemy of the Second Amendment. Period. And I don't think he can beat any of the Democrats in the general election, because he is so repellant.

For the people who say Cruz is ineligible, you're nuts. He's a natural-born American citizen. The irony is that Trump says he wants to eliminate jus soli citizenship, but he also seems to claim jus soli is the only way to be a "real" American, which is bonkers.

I'm okay with getting rid of jus soli citizenship, but jus sanguis (you are a citizen if your parent is a citizen, regardless of where you were born) has been the law in pretty much every country on Earth for centuries.

Anonymous said...

I'll take trump's "known unknown" over an avowed enemy if necessary, bit I'd rather see Cruz take it.

And to set the record straight for Mr. Skybill, Cruz is entirely eligible. A natural-born citizen is defined as anyone who is granted us citizenship at birth: either by virtue of being born within the united states or by being born to a us citizen abroad. Cruz falls into the latter category, as his mother is and was a us citizen.

Anonymous said...

The last person to go against the CONTROLLERS of this Nation was JFK.

This entire primary should be taken as distracting ENTERTAINMENT.

The only thing that could turn this country around is a "righteous" Revolution, however where "righteous" is concerned...........

America is BANKRUPT.

Trust in the Lord, no man can turn this country around.

Anonymous said...

For all you truthers about Cruz.... Minor v. Happersett the Supreme Court acknowledged that the Framers notion of natural born citizen was a person born on US soil of two citizens.

The reason for the provision is to ensure that their no foreign allegiances. Cruz was a dual citizen owing allegiance to Canada. It was less than 14 years ago which is the time limit of a citizen to have been residing in the US before he runs for the presidency-even while being a "natural born citizen". Intent people... You banter about what a statute says or some vague he said they said when the intent to make sure that there were no allegiances to foreign nations is the intent the Framers meant when the wrote the provision.

Best thing to happen is Trump for pres and Cruz for vice prez. No chink in the armor for a Democrat challenge and Cruz would be a balancing force. At leat there would be a conservative force in the white house to some degree.

It is not a perfect world but as Sun Tzu says, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". And of course, "deny them what they want". Trump and Cruz ticket would do both.

Anyway my 2 cents....

Anonymous said...

In order for Cruz to be eligible he needs to produce a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, CRBA....

Until he does that, we simply don't know if he's eligible to run.

AtomicSpud said...

If You Vote for Trump then you Deserve what trump has in store for
Cruz has been Supporting the Constitution and the REAL Bill Of Rights from the days he was running to become a New US Senator… And its also the same time-frame that Trump was taking Kissy-face Photos with Bill and Hillary and all manner of Demon-rat politicians, and supporting DUMBO-rat ideas and politicians with his own Personal Finances!
Wake Up!!!!!
Trump is the Trojan Horse outside the city gates of freedom, and after those moron Trump-bots have finally convinced the rest of the weak Minded populous (aka: low information voters) to bring it inside the city gates…then Night will come.. Not the Morning in America....The Deep Night WILL Come....
And In the Middle of that Deep Night…. Hillary Clinton, et all, WILL Climb out From the inside of Donald J Trump, and slit your throats as you sleep, and open the city gates of freedom to Full On Socialism and a Hard tyranny.
Trump has only his Limited wealth and the Law to restrain his current power…
Just wait till he has the wealth of the entire country to spend and becomes a
law unto himself like Obama has… only WORSE!!!
Wake Up you Fools Before it’s Too Late.
If Trump is the Nominee I will Be Writing In Cruz when election time comes around.
Cruz 2016 For the Constitution and the WIN!!!

Anonymous said...

he could nominate himself ... then every case would be huge !

Anonymous said...

lol @ Trump on MSNBC touting Heller.

Hey Trumpetters, I guess he never heard of McDonald. I guess he never heard of Incorporation (now that is ironically hilarious). Look at his Trump's own Policy Position Paper - look at how he uses the word PRIVILEGE. He says the carrying of arms is NOT a privilege. Yeah, Bull Conner and Jim Crow agree.....and Trump doesn;t even understand what that means.

Trump is another in the long line of FOOLS who cannot READ the 14th Amendment to see that the words "privilege" and "permission" are NOT synonyms and CANNOT POSSIBLY BE synonyms. Read the 14th amendment yourself, substitute "permission" for "privilege" and tell yourself it makes SENSE. Oh wait, it DOESN'T make sense. Why? Well duh, privilege and permission are not synonyms as TRUMP THINKS.

And this is the guy using Heller as a litmus? Uh huh.
Wake up, wake the hell up!