Friday, February 12, 2016

Are the Feds screwing up their courage for new Palmer raids over original Bundy stand-off?

In an exclusive interview with Jason Van Tatenhove, media director for Oathkeepers, he told Freedom Outpost that there have been reports of 68 warrants against Americans who stood alongside Cliven Bundy in Nevada in 2014 and several involved in standing between the Bureau of Land Management and the Sugar Pine Mine. Van Tatenhove said that Oathkeepers were in the process of seeking to confirm the number of indictments.


TimeHasCome said...

When looking at Malhuer the word reconnoiter comes to mind. There will be hundreds of Federal officials that will study the tactics of the occupiers . But there will be thousands of citizens will study the tactics of the Federal Agents . All the way from logistics to manpower to negotiating analysis to types of helicopters and armored vehicles and weaponry deployed .

Longbow said...

The Feds can stop fuckin' up. They firmly believe that what ever it was that they done, it was the right thing to do. Because, it was them what done it.

They have no idea of the backlash they are setting up. Whatever happens next is their own creation.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what agent provocateur Ryan Payne did to motivate the Bundy's to fall into this predictable from a thousand miles away trap?

The Bundys live in their own little world, and God bless them for their stance against the BLM, but they have their own homestead and progeny to worry about, not unknowingly bringing the cause of the Constitution down because they're too thick-headed to even know what an agent provocateur is, and how the feral agencies have been using them to destroy any protest movement before it gains traction, by ensuring that an originally righteous cause appears insane.

They did it to MLK, to Malcolm X, PATCON, and now they're doing it to the rest of us, and it's time we stopped denying it so we can wake others up.

Anonymous said...

We as a nation have and still are experiencing the "Bloodless Coup" of Socialist Sympathizing Americans, and Gestapo Federal Agencies.

I fear that No Matter how this election turns...A UGLY, unseen in this country since 1861 is going to Rise. 2017++++ is going to be...something "none of US" have ever experienced.
A single election cycle is not going to save us, nor will a single Admin.

The "Divisions" within this country, have been stoked to "Deflagrating Levels" by Constitutional Traitors, and Charlatons, that many folks Pretend or Refuse to see..they Pretend "It Can't Happen Here."
The Left and it's minions will not take a (R) win sitting down, far from it, they Will Take DA!!
History is the Proof(Please No Arm Chair Bravado..Oregon has given US ENOUGH!)
We have allowed ourselves to get to this point of Self Destruction for as many reasons as there are facets on a diamond.

Very...Perilous Times are ahead, things are going to change...and (I) don"t believe for the better. It has taken along time to get to this Sad Point in Our History...It will Take NO LESS Time, to extract ourselves.

One thing is for sure, Mike was 100% Correct about OR.
...The damage they have done has set us back, how much, that shall be seen.
We MUST Learn from this!!, We MUST clean ourselves of the "Face IN the Camera" Lunatics.(you know what i speak of, the Oregon idiots provided the nation with Plenty!)

(I) believe we must use/understand/adopt the same TTP as those that would and will subjucate us.
"Imitation is the Sincerist form of Flattery", it is said.

REMEMBER, there are 17 INTELL Agencies within the Govt alone, and countless Sub-Sets within Each.
Study them!!! In a Practical, Intelligent, Critical Thinking Manner. Please.
17 that are Publicly Known that is.
We have ZERO!!

Do You Believe for a moment that only OSP and the FBI were...consulted and used in OR. I do not, group think never ends well.
There are countless Civi LE Agencies whose pockets are lined with Fed Funds, for everything from Gear to Training, Intell to Air.
Again, what do we have?

Sure...Small arms, Camo Queens and Gear Queers, are plentifull. We need NO MORE!! "Modern History" proves, have been Cannon Foder and Propaganda, used against us.
We need, the equivalent of "The 17" and there Sub-Sets, and there TTP.
There's more to this than, Guns, Gear and Camo.

We have been made "Fools" by, Impulsive, NON-Critical Thinking, Glory Seeking, NON (Intell)-igent Thinking people.
From the video's i have viewed of some of these "Oregon" people, i swear...
A Lifetime Injection Supply of Thorazine will do them a world of good!! And US.

Let's Re-Eval and Police Ourselves. And for Heavens sake, "VET" whom the hell we bring in.

If you have read this, Thank you, no matter how you feel about the post.

Chiu ChunLing said...

A protest movement presumes that peaceful appeal to the existing political process is effective. We must discard that presumption, there is no longer any rational basis for it. We cannot hope to avert the civilizational collapse that will inevitably kill the majority of the American people, including nearly all those not firmly committed to one side or the other in the coming war.

There is no further point in 'messaging' other than convincing everyone on our side that the war is actually begun, we must not expect any quarter to be shown based on our non-violence. If we are to resist tyranny at all it must be by killing the agents of tyranny in whatever manner is most expedient to our circumstances. If we have good hope of luring them into an ambush in a place of our prepared defense, we do so, if we remain able to move unobserved we kill them secretly in their own places of assumed security. If we need further preparation for either we undertake it.

When we kill enough of them that they actually desist from their tyranny for fear of their lives, leaving significant areas of the country free, then we can begin to consider whether we might use that territory as a place to establish our own formal leadership and begin to negotiate an end to the war. But until then, all we can meaningfully do is kill enough of them to bring that about.

Arkindole said...

Is it surprising Mike? Square up with a lot of zelots who wants to die and take others for Allah, or patriots that want to live under a previously guaranteed set of rights? Schoolyard bullies always take down the underclassmen as a message to others.

Anonymous said...

TimeHasCome, you are spot on. Glad someone is finally figuring it out.

Sgn Me Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

I think Chiu ChunLing is right....

We are never going to win the media war. They completely control the narrative and anyone posting "alternative" media is labeled a crazy, conspiracy theorist.

Look how this turned out. I've yet to see anything that's convincing that Finicum "reached" for a weapon. They murdered him, plain and simple. I've yet to see a pic of his truck. Is the 100-120 shots fired at it legit? Why no audio or body cam/dash cam footage? Would it show they were shooting while his hands were up?

If we get confirmation that the OSP/Feds were shooting while his hands in the air...then what?

Anonymous said...

Everyone forget the VC lost millions of people. How many Iraqi and Taliban? You cannot go toe to toe with the gov. Everyone should own AND know Matt Bracken's book Enemies Foreign and Domestic. As Mike likes to point out, 4th gen warfare wins. No leadership, just people willing to act. Think of a million headed Hydra of Greek mythology. Now that will scare the PTB.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

quote"If we get confirmation that the OSP/Feds were shooting while his hands in the air...then what?"unquote

The Hundred Heads Casualty and Insurance policy comes to mind.

M said...

Anonymous 2/12 @ 7:30 has some excellent points,that I'm sure will either be attacked or dly over the heads of the most eager and least experienced.

I'm glad to see that Mike ia still around, and I hope that some of what Anonymous mentioned will be addressed in some sort of praxis summary.

Regarding us not having any sort of reconnaissance or analysis, I'd really recommend taking a look at the content at and getting your hands on the books available there written by "John Mosby," specifically the _The Reluctant Partisan_ stuff.

Chiu ChunLing said...

I wouldn't say we aren't going to win the media war. Rather, from my perspective we've already won it, my estimate of the numbers of Americans prepared to survive free and independent from the government despite the coming collapse have gone up quite a bit over the last decade.

But the curve has leveled off, we aren't getting a lot more people past that event by further engagement. Right now we're only building the buffer of those who'll die for a good cause rather than a bad, not much changing the number who can feasibly survive.