Thursday, February 18, 2016

Rejecting the Mandate of Heaven. Sorting out the ideological conflicts that will lead to civil war.

In distinct ways, each of these movements reflects the loss of public confidence in our political system and, more fundamentally, the eroding legitimacy of American democracy. When history writes its chapter on the 2016 election, it will record how three revolts roiled our politics. In truth, this may not be the winter of our discontent; it may be the start of something that lasts much longer.


Nemesis said...

The writer of that article has forgotten one very important aspect that is the root cause of why he felt compelled to put that article together - he calls the U.S. a democracy.

The Untied States is based on a republic and government for the people by the people, not democracy. The United States Republic has been deliberately eroded to the lesser political system of the Democracy - and that is what ails America.

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOOO sick of the "American Democracy" load of absolute Crap.
We do not pledge allegiance to the flag and to the "democracy" for which it stands.
For crying out loud.

Not long ago, my 14 year old daughter was sparring with her teacher - constitution class - and she checked her teacher with the 'Pledge" question. The TEACHER's response? Well, "republic....democracy.......same thing.".

My 8th grade daughter understands the simple concept her own teacher does not. I used to think there was a devious plot to misinform children to the contrary but now I understand that plot was enacted generations ago -the idiocy in our schools is now on total autopilot. It is not that teachers preach the wrong answer to lead the kids astray.....the teachers themselves really do not know the difference -nor do they even care.

It comes to this. Either people figure out that we must START taking our country and our Liberty back in the primary public school arena, via retaking our School Boards, or this nation ends up in outright civil war "defend what you have if you want to keep it" war. Presidential election? Meaningless. Congress? Meaningless. State legislatures? Meaningless. If we do not FIRST reclaim our schools, there is nothing left to reclaim.

Bad Cyborg said...

Anon @ 6:02 PM,
I once walked into a high school classroom which had a poster on the wall purporting to explain the pledge of allegiance. After the line "and to the republic for which it stands" the poster explained that the line meant "to the government". I advised the teacher, school had not yet begun that term, that I had never pledged or sworn allegiance to ANY government and had no intention of beginning. I further advised him that my allegiance was to the REPUBLIC for which our flag stands and not to any "government".

But then I was taught from the beginning that the true name of the nation/country of my birth was and is THE REPUBLIC OF THE United States of America. We may call it or refer to it as the "U.S.A." or the "U.S." or "America" or even "the United Stated of America" in the same way that a cousin of mine is called "Bill" or "Billy" or even "Will". My cousin's proper given name is "William". My country's proper name is "The Republic of The United States of America".

We must lever forget - NOR let others forget - that "Democracy" is merely mob rule writ large. Whenever I hear a black person going on about "democracy" I ask them if they suppose that all the laws in the states that enforced segregation were enacted by legislators elected by a minority of the voters. I advise them that Jim Crow laws were merely democracy in action. That the legislators were acting with the full weight of the voting public behind them. Had their grandparents NOT lived in a REPUBLIC, then the great civil rights revolution of the 60s (And it WAS very much a revolution) would never -indeed COULD NEVER - have occurred!

Chiu ChunLing said...

Trump isn't a real bulldozer. His "toxic extremism" was always fake (even his toxicity is suspect in my view, it seems like a put-on to me). But when the 'establishment' betrays his supporters by taking away their bulldozer, they aren't going to say "oh, it was a fake bulldozer anyway", they're going to go out and get some explosives.

And not all the explosives will be fake.

xtron said...

not sure electing any of the present candidates will do any good. it's like hiring a new ring master for the circus...a new front man for the same circus acts.

my mother was diagnosed with terminal leukimia. she was told that chemo would add maybe a year to her life, but she would be sick the rest of her life.
our country is sick, and electing a trump or a cruz might delay the end, as long as the sickness that is congress is not changed or eliminated, our country will be sick every day untill the end.

my sister went thru chemo for hepatitus C. it was brutal, ugly, she was near death several times, and weak for a long time after. but she survived and is hep free for over 5 years....the chemo, no matter how bad, was necessary, and worth the suffering.

i am fast becomming a "make it burn" fan. if i am unhappy with the choices given me, i will chose the one i believe will destroy thge country the quickest.
it will be ugly, and brutal, the country may die, or be weak for a long my sisters chemo...if the patriots are ready to help pick up the pieces afterwards, the results will be worth the pain.

but that's just my opnion