Monday, February 8, 2016

After EOTech Stumbles, Optics Makers Vie for Market Share

In the months after EOTech Inc. settled a lawsuit over defective sights, competitors say they're vying for more market share amid a shakeup in the industry. Companies such as Trijicon Inc., based in Wixom, Michigan, and Aimpoint AB, based in Malmo, Sweden, say customers in the U.S. military and law enforcement markets are reaching out to them in large numbers to inquire about their products in the wake of EOTech's settling of a lawsuit that accused the company of knowingly selling optics that failed in extreme temperatures and humid weather conditions.


Anonymous said...

Company says "we're trying to make people whole"..They're lucky people don't have holes in 'em after a failed optic gets 'em killed..THIS is why I leave it to the iron sights on most of my rifles. Funny, they never fail..

Anonymous said...

My scoped rifles have iron sights, too.

Because Murphy's Law has not been repealed.

Anonymous said...

This like so many things can be exaggerated beyond what it really is. If you have EOtech sights and like them and you don't plan to be using them at 40 below why should you dump them?