Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tales of the demagogue shape shifter. File away for what happens when Hitlery is forced from the race and replaced by Biden/Warren. (And this doesn't cover his misogynistic treatment of women.)

Donald Trump’s Business Record Demands More Scrutiny


Nemesis said...

I'll be the first to agree that Trump is somewhere between a loose cannon and a confidence trickster, but I do not believe that he is psychopathic like most of those who control the country. And,at least his past is available to those who care to check it out unlike that fraudster still sitting in the White House. Trump offers to many what they thought would never be possible - a halt to the ongoing deconstruction of the United States of America.

I have looked at all those frauds and pretenders to the throne now in the race to be emperor, and not one of them has stated in public what many Americans now know to be true, except Trump.

Is what we now see in Trump's mass audience pulling power at nearly all his rallies really Demagoguery or the expression of a frustrated and exasperated people willing to hand over their only authority to a man who, unlike Obama, promises to fix only those things that are broken?

Bill Cleveland said...

Shoot Mike - Trump isn't the only one with things to hide.

Cruz once proposed an immediate increase in the base H-1B cap from 65,000 to 325,000. Cruz offered the H-1B increase as an amendment in 2013 to the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill.

The pro-amnesty Club For Growth (CFG) gave Cruz $705,657. It begs the question: Who is Cruz lying to; CFG who is for open borders, or the American people who don’t want open borders? There are too many obvious contradictions. Remember too, that CFG spent $3.3 million on attack ads against Donald Trump because he refused to donate $1 million to them, and for good reason.

In fact, for every hard line in the sand that Cruz has said he won’t cross, he’s gleefully stepped over when the politics of the moment called for it. Defunding Planned Parenthood? Not so much now. Repealing Obamacare? It’s the law of the land. Stopping the Iran deal? The deal got done. The list of hard stances Cruz has earnestly taken and subsequently abandoned goes on and on, just as he earnestly supports everything that he’s saying at that very moment.

Cruz has no problem climbing in bed with the enemies of freedom to gain the presidency. He is a globalist, just as those he’s chosen as advisors are globalist elitists. Kissenger, Brehzenski, Elliot Abrams of the CFR, Cruz Foreign Policy advisor is James Woolsey- CIA Director under Bill Clinton. Those who are supporting Cruz with their monies are globalists as well.

Jeez do the research.

Crap - Rubio is even worse than Cruz.

Anonymous said...

Look. There are some very powerful people who don't want a Trump presidency simply because he IS an outsider and would be out of THEIR control. Would Trump being 'out of THEIR control' be a bad thing? In order for THEM to continue 'business as usual', yes. It would be bad. But is THAT 'bad' for us? I don't think so considering how the 'e-light' republicans have been letting 'O' stomp the Constitution with absolutely no push-back.

Every single one of us some parts of our history that we either can't or don't want to have to explain. That aside, it's about damn time the country was run for a while by a guy who seems to be quite good at managing big operations.

Anonymous said...

Trump will make the trains run on time just like Benito Mussolini did and the cost will be the same, don't ya know!

Anonymous said...

Anyway it ends...
U-G-L-Y, big time, is heading to this country.
The Polarization is beyond Mediating, Compromise or Acceptence by either side.


Fred said...

I'm no fan of Trump but 35 year old accusations without convictions is ridiculous. They are all scoundrels including him. He was a nobody back then. If it were true he would have had way more problems then he did. Ever heard the phrase "be nice on the way up" well, he didn't for sure. He is a genuine grade A horses rear end with plenty of enemies but a willful criminal? maybe, but I doubt it.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Why are we still pretending that it matters who 'wins' the election?

Anonymous said...

@Anon @826PM - And if Trump turns into a Mussolini, he'll end the same way Il Duce did. Do you really think we'll avoid a Civil War if one of the others is elected? Really?

Note that Publius Huldah has said that both Cruz and Rubio fail the "natural born citizen" Constitutional test. Who else ya got?

Anonymous said...

Creating a fake University and committing fraud sure is the type of person we want to lead us, don't ya know!

Anonymous said...

The New Yorker?

So it has come to this. Trump evokes such hatred in our champions for America that they no longer consider the sources.

The convergence of so-called patriots with the Left to bring down Trump is truly epic.

Here are some of the Trump haters already on record:

Australian Rupert Murdoch


El Chapo

Bill Ayers

Barack Obama

Van Jones

Vincente Fox

NY AG Eric SChneiderman(please please google his relationship with CPUSA/Working Family Party funded by Soros--his father Irwin)

Al Sharpton

Maoist Mile Klonsky

All of the GOPe establishment and their media shills

The Pope

Felipe Calderon

CPUSA (peoples world site)

That's some of the anti-Trump crowd.

And as if Trump needed more haters, right before Super Tuesday the KKK and David Duke are getting in on the action as supporters!

Wel, well, well, I'll quote commie Bill Ayers on this one in the same NPR interview where he called Trump names. Of course he was referring to his disappointment wiTh Obama (wink wink):

"Great men don’t change history; great movements change history."

What Ayers doesn't say is great movements need leaders to get them started.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a rino. He is no defender of the Constitution. He never has been and he has not "evolved" one bit. He is just another insider fatcat who plays the corrupt system, donating money to help elect the corrupt cronies he kicks it with. Nancy Pelosi, Herry Reid, Chuck Schumer and the DNC. And you fools buy into this "he is an outsider" garbage?

To be at this site you must be into guns OR you are just Trump trolls. I suppose you might be NRA lackeys ooops I was redundant.

Back in his rifle ban days, Donald Trump was touting the base principle of government owning the power of permission over enumerated rights (the permission allowed being bolt action rifles but not evil black rifles). Today, he brags about his own carry permission slip, gained in a place where next to nobody can possibly get one of their own. About this, Trump says ZERO. He does not deride the permission slip process that affords him that Title of Nobility but disallows everyone else. Instead, he champions that permission power.

Trumps Policy position paper actually goes so far as to champion an idea that Bab Boxer floated a couple year ago. Trump compares your RIGHT to carry to a driver license. Trump is absolutely at odds with Justice Clarence Thomas regarding the historically accurate explanation of the 14th Amendment, especially WHY it was crafted the way it was!

If you vote for Trump, you are admitting that to you personally, rights are just permissions for government to allow or deny, because that is exactly what Trump believed during the Clinton era of bans and it is exactly what he believes now.

Folks on the fence tryin to had better think it through carefully. Consider this Trumpism - on Cavutos show trump said plainly that he "wants to RULE through the Constitution. Now think about that please. RULE.

The founders did not even WANT a Presidency out of fear the office would someday be viewed EXACTLY the way Trump views it - a position from which to RULE!.

I understand being pissed at the RINO culture, the "guy who can win" culture and the desire to burn it to the ground. I would not piss on the progressive democrats controlling either party but I warn you flatly, it is one thing to burn down that house, it is another to burn down that house and become so enthralled with watching the train wreck that you crash your own car too.

You have exposed the GOPe and Fixed News for what it is - there is no reason nuke the planet by electing Trump. Make no mistake, the democrats you are voting with to elevate Trump in the primary will turn on you in a heartbeat and go vote for Hillary.

SO if you REALLY want to stick it their eye - then drop the Chump named Trump now, vote Cruz and put the fear of God in the Democrats who control both parties. A Hillary Presidency is not worth it. Bill Clinton back in the white house is no worth it.

You better understand, just as many of us understand what the NRA is and have abandoned it, so too is this true about Trump. We know what he REALLY is and we will not hold our noses to vote for him. Like McCain, we will withhold our consent and YOU FOOLS will be the ones LOSING to Hillary. SO keep your projection trying to blame us - we WARN YOU without ambiguity - we will NOT vote for Trump because he do not vote for progressive liberal democrats, period.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8.26...what do you have to offer, what candidate will bring about a real change? The field is stacked with status quo and worse..none offer a path to beneficial change, only eventual violent change.. id rather know we are headed for a benito mussolini style change that can be rapidly put down later, than what we have now..

@ chiu chunling....exactly. well said. No outcome this year will be good, but the last thing i want to see is the globalist dick heads coming out on top or even alive anymore. They damn sure seem bent at killing anyone independent or not easily controlled.

Sign me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

This race has certainly been good at separating the true followers of the Constitution from those who just want a powerful dictator to "fix things." Because, of course, that's what the Constitution says the job of the President is--to "fix things." (Not to mention that Trump's first instincts are all liberal and he was, until very recently, a Democrat who favored gun control and socialized medicine. Oh, wait, he still does favor those things..)

We've been headed for Civil War for a while, but at least Trump makes it clear who on the Right can be trusted and who must be considered an enemy. Constitutionalists vs. Leftists vs. Trumpists.

Anonymous said...

Voting for establishment Republican's who are bought and paid for Globalists ! Reminds me of a child .Who was warned by his Mother. About never putting their hands on the burner of a hot stove. We are like that child .Who never took our mothers advice ! We as registered Republican's never ever learn. Definition of insanity. Keep making the same mistakes over and over. And expecting a different result. As for me. I see Trump as the last and only viable option. His baggage is far less. Than the destruction that both political parties have wrought and shackled on "We the People ". And our revered "Republic ". Its either Trump or the cartridge box ! Behind enemy lines, Ct.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Cruz H1b visa posters. In his entire career they have one visa complaint to wage - a NON IMMIGRANT visa they don't even understand, a three letter complaint tpp they don't understand and the campaign finance itself. Well how the heck do you run for president without money?

These same folks supporting Trump USE to say it was the rich people buying the presidency!!!!

Look bonehead, here is the reality. Corrupt politicians do NOT go to DC and destroy government control over rights, especially gun rights! See that yet?

Donald supports government control over rights.
Cruz supports and defends individual ownership of rights. It's that simple. Either you ADMIT this simple reality or you LIE trying not to.

Anonymous said...

You people want risk free, all Liberty and Freedom granted with no personal investment, no personal risk, and all the benefits, just like the entitlement crowds of the GIMME DATS....Pathetic. Your country and its historical promise GIVEN you by the Founding fathers, is lost (just like teens given something by their parents, they NEVER understand its value because they DIDN'T NEED TO EARN IT), just accept the cesspool you live in that you won't do anything to drain and replace it with a meaningful decent place to live. Hope you enjoy it while it lasts, you will lose it before the end of the year if not earlier.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

THEBigFatPanda said...

We should ALL remember if Trump attains the office of President, it will be for one reason only; GOD wants him there. For reasons only He is privy to. IMHO, Trump will be one of two things; an agent to further God's judgement on America or an agent of His will bringing us to national repentence.
I don't know either way and I have no reason to get involved in this race with my vote because again IMHO, as a nation we are DONE. My popcorn is popped, chair is comfy and I'm just gonna watch the shtf.