Monday, February 15, 2016

Five from Herschel Smith.

Amateur Hour At Malheur
On the livestream, Fry was rambling almost incoherently about the government, abortion, the Middle East, nuclear power plants, drone strikes in Pakistan and his belief in UFOs. He railed against “monopolies” and “chemical castration” by the government. He was angry that he couldn’t “find a way to make an income without paying taxes for atrocities.” He complained that nobody would bring him any marijuana. He spoke about killing himself and said he had his weapon at his side.
Obama Unilaterally Confiscates 265 Million Acres
Oh how sad. They may as well read nursery rhymes and fairly tales to themselves. I’ve done my share of criticizing the tactics employed by the occupiers at Malheur, but relying on the black robed tyrants to protect you from the beltway tyrants is a bad strategy. No one has shown any proclivity for stopping anything this president has done, and they won’t start now.
Remembering Antonin Scalia
When I found out about Scalia’s death on Saturday, I yelled “No, No, No, No,” fifteen or twenty times at the top of my lungs. Much badness will follow.
Recall Grover Norquist
Mr. Rathner doesn’t want us to think two steps ahead. Or another way to say it would be that Rathner doesn’t want us to consider logical consequences, simple first order effects. We have gone to great lengths to make everyone understand that open borders, in addition to the other national maladies that would be involved, means loss of recognized rights to own firearms. It starts with the cultural milieu of Hispanics and Latinos.
Army MPs Train For Stability Operations On The Streets Of America


Anonymous said...

Gottlieb endorsing Norquist is like Benedict Arnold endorsing Judas Iscariot, don't ya know!

Anonymous said...

On Fry at Malheur Wildlife Refuge: He repeatedly said he was still laying down in bed... What readiness! What a true patriot militiaman! For that matter, what oppressors the FBI were.. Not. It is clear the perps are the ones in jail now.

Regarding Obama confiscating SoCal land for National Monuments... Who did he confiscate it from?? From us, for us? How is this set aside for 'Robber Barons and Elites'... Not at all.

The Captain is a bit off the rails since he left Tennille.

Chiu ChunLing said...

"Don’t ever carry a gun you don’t intend to use. This group wasn’t prepared to pull their triggers, so the guns should have been left at home. It should have been a old fashioned sit-in like the hippies who protested the Vietnam war. If they were intent on taking guns and using them, they should have planned this set of events much differently."

Apply that logic to daily carry for half a second and see how you like it. Never pack your daily carry unless you're quite certain you want to kill someone before you get home today.

From a military perspective, armed peaceful protests are beyond essential for large scale militia operations in serious purpose. If we allow the government to reliably characterize the presence of weapons as an indication that we're going to employ force, how exactly are we supposed to train effectively? How are we to assemble forces for a direct action without immediately giving away our true intentions?

Sorry Captain, but with "strategic insight" of that level, you're not my Captain.

I'm not going to argue about UFO's and other conspiracy theories. I will say that, if advanced extraterrestrials don't exist, then we're probably pooched too badly for any of this to matter. But maybe they don't...wouldn't be the first time the universe turned out to be a lot less friendly than people hoped.

It's true that the time for peaceful protest has passed. If you're going to protest at all, you make a serious effort to kill the tyrants, so that the survivors have a real reason to rethink their choice of employment. But let us not dissuade those who still attempt peaceful protest from going armed. It's not like the outcome will be any better for them if they are disarmed, and it might be considerably worse...let's not forget that LaVoy was killed and the those with him terrorized when the Feds had a high confidence that they weren't armed.

Nor let us forget what C.S. Lewis had to say on the subject of pacifists.

Otto Didact said...

RE: Obama Unilaterally Confiscates 265 Million Acres
"414,000 square miles ... is equivalent to a square block of land 644 miles on each side"

I'd like to put Obama's total land grab (to date, mind you; he still has a good 11 months to go) into perspective. Using the numbers Herschel provided (and which I do not in any wise doubt to be factual) and consulting Wikipedia, a couple of keystrokes on a calculator yields the following facts:

The total land area Obama has conquered with the stroke of a pen is just over one and one half times the total area of Texas! It also represents almost 2/3rds of the land area of Alaska! FREAKING ALASKA for goodness sake!

As for no one objecting, where, how, to WHOM would we object? The government has the bit in its teeth. The only way I know of to stop a runaway horse - short of just letting it run itself out (which this horse('s ass) has not shown any indication of doing any time soon) is to put a bullet in its brain! Do you know of another way?

Re:Army MPs Train For Stability Operations On The Streets Of America

Two words just popped into my head. "Posse Comitatus"
(isn't that still the law of the land?)

An observation: The only "peace" which armed forces can truly keep is the peace of the grave.

Anonymous said...

Folks, the 414,000 square miles is correct but over 400,000 of it is protection around south sea islands. And the land national monuments created maintain all existing grazing rights, which will be continued. This land is already owned by the Federal government (by us). No one has taken anything. (By the way, the Federal grazing fees are much less than the same from the states or local governments.).