Sunday, February 14, 2016

Codrea: Rathner Response Would Be More Respectful if It Didn’t Dismiss Objections to Norquist.

Grover Norquist’s amnesty efforts on behalf of the cheap labor Republican establishment are helping to pave a pathway to citizenship that will add millions of new voters that all credible polling shows favor anti-gun Democrats. That means unchallengeable majorities in the legislatures, with carte blanche for court appointments How is that not an issue for NRA to consider when assigning political grades and endorsements?

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Chiu ChunLing said...

I would have to disagree in principle with the idea that a "laser-like focus" on a legislative/judicial agenda could be justified in ignoring threats to respect for the rule of law generally. This is after all the core failing of the progressives, they seek to change the laws without any indication that they actually care whether anyone obeys them.

Even if the vast majority of immigrants (and the rising generation of youth) were convinced to be fond of guns and the right to keep and bear arms, I would have to be reassured that they also understood and respected the principle of rule of law rather than power, whether raw or elite. A majority devoted to having guns because they would like to use them to commit crimes would make any legislation or judicial precedent irrelevant.

Of course, the corollary is that, unless we are willing to acknowledge the legitimacy of the legislation and judicial precedents that have eliminated the Constitution as a basis for government authority, we have no further business appealing to the same process which created them. Two decades ago an attempt was made to activate the mechanisms the Constitution provides for challenging the essential legitimacy of political authority being exercised contrary to the failed utterly. Whether it could have succeeded if a more earnest attempt had been put forth is immaterial now.

We must appeal to the authority on which the Constitution was first established if we are to re-establish it as the law of our country. We must appeal to the Declaration of Independence, backed by the same willingness of the revolutionary generation to back it at the risk of their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.