Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tanks inside the wire: The battle of Lang Vei.

Sgt. Nickolas Fragos couldn’t believe his eyes. North Vietnamese PT-76 tanks were moving on the Lang Troai Road, heading straight for the Special Forces camp at Lang Vei. Fragos dashed to the TOC (Tactical Operations Center) to report his observation. The 24 Americans at Lang Vei knew the odds were stacked against them. Seven would die, along with 309 Montagnard mercenaries and Vietnamese CIDG soldiers.


Anonymous said...

There are now tanks inside the wire, I mean right now.
I'm sorry if I broke a posting rule, but it's a black out. Check out the Denver/DIA update. This might be the Daniel 11:21- stuff.
I was graduating H.S. when Saigon fell. I too woke up since then. Thank you Mike, you've helped me a lot. God bless the heroes then and now.


Anonymous said...

I was right down the road from that at Calu. Before it became LZ Stud. We figured we're next. The thought of enemy tanks will focus you real good.