Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Empire Blathers Back (about Grover Norquist).

Respectful Response RE: Norquist Recall Vote


ag42b said...

If other board members identify Norquist as an effective spokesman and activist for the Second Amendment. and he is not engaged in criminal behavior, he should be left alone. We will never agree completely on other political issues, and there are other organizations which provide venues for acting on those issues. NRA should stick to preserving our Second Amendment rights, and not focus on divisive outside issues.

Anonymous said...

Since the NRA uses contributions to support 2A friendly democrats, who then turn around and vote for other anti-American, unconstitutional laws they get no contributions from me.What's the difference whether they vote against the 2A or vote for obamacare or some other venue which will rise up to bite us in the ass?

David Codrea said...

Yeah, ag42b. And if other politicians think one of their own is effective, what business is it of the electorate?

Calling concern over the effects amnesty and a pathway to citizenship will have on the Second Amendment via legislatures and the courts a "divisive outside issue" is a deceptive smokescreen used by Fairfax prags and you know it.