Thursday, February 18, 2016

Rat me out, why doncha? Secret political police want more money and power to cultivate on-line snitches.

"See Something Suspicious Online? Homeland Security Wants to Know About It."


Witold Pilecki said...

At no time in my life have I harbored more distrust, disgust, and down right hatred for government at all levels. Even in my own small town, the out of control Board of Education is absolutely wrecking the town economically by blowing up the budget year after year.

So....COME AND GET ME YOU JACK-BOOTED THUGS! I am not too hard to find, but I will die a free man before being sent to one of your gulags.

I adopted my on-line name for a reason.

Anonymous said...

We are rapidly becoming East Germany. Witold Pilecki... good name... if you can move, do. Boards of "Ed" are actually confiscatory arms of progressivism.

Anonymous said...

I must tell Kevin Preusse there's a new job opening for him. Oh, wait; he already does that.

Anonymous said...

We are already there....

Even in the most rural of situations.

You catch that? The FBI notified...

Anonymous said...

Steppenwolf "Ostrich"

You're free to speak your mind my friend
As long as you agree with me
Don't criticize the fatherland
Or those who shape your destiny
'Cause if you do
You'll lose your job, your mind and all the friends you knew
We'll send out all our boys in blue
They'll find a way to silence you

CowboyDan said...

Witold Pilecki, I too, like your name.

Thanks, Anon 0726, for making mention of that. You piqued my interest enough that I read a long Wikipedia article on him. He's a very brave man. I'm sure such men still live, but I'm sure they are rare, as they have always been.

I'll try to remember to ask my priest tonight if he knows the name. He's a second generation American with family from Poland. I'm not sure if his dad came over or his granddad.