Friday, February 19, 2016

LTC Bob Brown's list of endorsement for NRA board of directors.

I received this email:
Below are the individuals SoF is endorsing for election to the NRA Board of Directors:
1. Mark Humphreville
2. Tom King
3. Richard Kussman
4. Sean Maloney
5.James Porter
6. Steve Reichert
7. Robert Sanders
8. Steven Schreiner
9. Cpt. Robert Thornton
10. Lt. Col. Allen West
I am voting for the recall of Grover Norquist.
Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown, USAR (Ret.)
Editor, Publisher, Soldier of Fortune Magazine


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

MikeH. said...

Anyone think there could be a more positive shift at the NRA if Wayne LaPierre and maybe a few others were shit-canned? I can't help but believe the guys makes more deals for himself than for members and / or gun owners as a whole.


Anonymous said...

The NRA is against open carry. Fuck the NRA. The NRA is a giant political corporation hell bent on pushing the false paradigm machine known as government. I say we do as we please as long as we don't initiate violence against others. To hell with the rest.If a government official initiates violence against you, treat them like you would any other individual initiating violence against you. Sovereign Bastard

Anonymous said...

I personally watched the NRA openly oppose Constitutionaly Carry here in Illinois. I witnessed backdoor trickery in open cahoots with Democrats to CREATE a permission slip structure where NONE existed. I watched the NRA and the ISRA see their own poll of their own members OPPOSE permits by 95% and they ignored the will of their own base to do the Democrat Permission Slip bidding - surely to "stand and fight against" what it had a hand in passing in the first place.

Despite being openly booed for this position at a Gun Rights rally, the NRA chose, along with the ISRA, to go forward in supporting the pathetic reinstalling of the offensive code that had just been judicially discard and ADD MORE GUN CONTROL CODE TO IT! These are plain, undeniable, absolute facts about what the NRA DID.

It is crystal clear to me that the NRA has become and functions as a GUN CONTROL organization. It wants the Second Amendment preempted, replaced, with state government authority to permission slip what is supposed to be a inalienable enumerated right that is preempted federally by the HIGHEST law of the land.

Add to it the fact that the NRA is in full support of the control itself - via due process incorporation. The NRA stands AGAINST your economic freedom, which is used as the basis for the gun control it claims to fight, by opposing The BEST Justice on the Court - Justice Thomas - and his historically proven truth regarding privileges and immunities.

Face it folks, the NRA really is a gun control organization bent upon selling out you and everyone you know so they can fundraise. I hope their 30 pieces of silver are worth it, because it only ever ends one way- and history proves that too.

Anonymous said...

Read the book: RICOCHET by Richard Feldman. I airs a lot of dirty laundry from the NRA clothes hamper.

Allen said...

anyone know what the heck is going on over at SOF? last few issues LTC brown seems to having some sort of yard, camo, ect.

I know the magazine has gone downhill. they don't seem to have their own journalists anymore, and it's shrunk down to about 1/4 of the size it was in the 90's. they did a lot of good original stuff back then.

Anonymous said...

MRA is in the BUSINESS of 2nd Am politics. They make money off the fear of gun owners. But actually providing a full-throated, full-blown defense of our liberties every step of the way -- no effing way! I help fund GOA, a serious organization truly committed to defending our rights.

Anonymous said...

It has been years since I picked up a SOF magazine. The articles were obvious paid advertising for Blackhawk, had zero objectivity, and one can only stand so many stories about 1970's Congo. SWAT has gotten my dollars for about 10 years now for being varied, objective, and relevent. And, (most importantly), they have always been 100% pro-civilian ownership of evil black rifles despite how the political winds may blow. SOF, was not so much. I would hate to see SOF go away, but unless they rebrand, grow a pair, stop pandering, and clean up, they will continue to see their loyal base dwindle to nothing. Kind of like the NRA, huh?

Jeff said...

Looks like a buncha nutball trolls up in here....