Thursday, February 18, 2016

Meanwhile, the Trump cult of personality claims the reputation of another unprincipled useful idiot.

You may now count John Snyder as the latest victim of Trumpchumpery. Gun Dean Defends Trump Candidacy as Second Amendment Proponent
Snyder said that, "Criticism of Trump on the right to keep and bear arms issue seems to have come about at least partially because his pro-gun rights position represents a reversal of previously-held attitudes.
No shit, Sherlock. Trump is a shape shifter, a demagogue who says what he thinks the crowd wants him to say AT THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT. Is this not what we have always condemned other RINO politicians for? And so why would we apply a different standard to Trump? To do so is to embrace a willing suspension of disbelief and represents the triumph of wishful -- if not magical -- thinking over documented fact. It is the enthusiastic embrace of horseshit over experience and common sense. Trump is who he is, not what useful idiots like Snyder wish him to be.


Anonymous said...

Two decades ago, Trump supported rifle bans and waiting periods. This is Trump's fundamental position that government controls the power of permission OVER our enumerated rights. The policy position is - disallow rifles and impose waiting periods.

Today, Trump stumps the Second Amendment as if he has "evolved". Except he hasn't in fundamental principle. What has "changed" in his mind of hope, is the specific permission he aims to have government allow and disallow.

Today, Trump brags about his own carriage, ironically residing in a place where only the rich and connected can get permission, of a firearm. He claims he has changed.

But wait, his own Policy Position Paper is quite clear that he refers to carriage as a permission allowed by government, seeking to have all states recognize these permission slips among the several states like a driver license. He also touts a federal permission slip (something Barb Boxer floated a few years ago).

Trump maintains the EXACT same fundamental position today as he did the day he sat with Russert and touted rifle bans. Donald believes GOVERNMENT controls our RIGHTS. He does NOT understand that rights, both privileges and immunities, are limitations on government authority.....that those enumerations take his policy positions OFF THE TABLE OF DEBATE!

That doppelganger can change into what ever he wants whenever he wants, for political expediency, but some of us see the inner Trump for the pathetic opportunist that he is.

A vote for Trump is one cast by a abject idiot or a intentional nanny state government controllers. If you vote for Trump, you yourself are going to have to decide which you are, for it is inescapable that you are one or the other.

Anonymous said...

...and you've never changed your mind on an issue?

Trump is also not what he isn't: not beholden to the special interests that have held the nation hostage for years. Not married to a GoldmanSuchs executive, not a member of a RINO family who's operated the US like a private fiefdom, not permissive on illegal immigration, not lying on the campaign trail about the status of other campaigns and following the lie up with disingenuous phone apologies...

He may not be perfect, but I'll gamble my vote on him before the rest of the field. The cartridge box is the last resort.

Anonymous said...

Well, by all means go with Cruz. It would almost be worth it to see the real cult of personality(have you seen the videos of his main supporters his father and Glenn Beck? not to mention Cruz himself acting like an "anointed one" sent from God)get the nomination and lose as he will most assuredly do.Then wonderful crazy commie Sanders will put the final nail in the coffin and we will be done with this know-it-allness.

I think it's fascinating to see the pure hatred coming at Trump from the folks at peoplesworld, the White House marxists, the media, so-called conservative sites, the GOPe, the liberals, the Dems, the Left, the Pope, El Chapo, Rupert Murdoch, the Bush dynasty, the so-called Christians, elitest writers who can write like the wind but are tunnel visioned--you name it.

But the people showing up at his rallies--coal miners, nurses, vets, young people, old people, professionals, working class, fathers,mothers, mechanics, police officers are real taxpayers who, according to all of the above, are being duped.

Well, we'll see or we won't see. The establishment has the fix in anyway for their candidates--Rubio or Bush most likely and Clinton or Sanders on the other side.

So why make such a big deal about businessman Trump? Again where is all the vitriol coming from? Harvard lawyers and eloquence and all of the smart ones best thinking have gotten us nowhere in the past 50 years except deeper and deeper into the abyss.

We are way past the paralysis of analysis.

Anonymous said...

I will say it again - Trump is not the ideal candidate. He is the guy who can beat Hilary. This is not the year to vote your conscience. This is the year to vote for the guy who can beat the enemy. Get it? Keep bitching about Trump and you better get ready to say hello to president Hilary. Cruz is not eligible and whether you think he is or not, the democrats and media don't believe it and they will use it to form a club and bludgeon him to death with it. No other GOP candidate is worth shit. Trump is it. Unless you want another democrat, you'd better vote for Trump. Period. Deal with it.

Dutchman6 said...

From an anonymous future Trump chump: "Keep bitching about Trump and you better get ready to say hello to president Hilary."

Hillary will never make it past the indictments. The Obamanoids are already pimping without any subtlety the Biden-Warren "savior ticket." This I predicted some time ago. Hillary will be a footnote to the history about to be manipulated. When that happens, look for Warren in particular to attack Trump's vicious and shameful treatment of women. He makes Bill Clinton look positively saint-like in comparison. In addition, his appetites for other people's property will be put on vivid display by the collectivist media machine -- eminent domain here, his rapacious treatment of the Scots who sit in the way of his golf course across the Atlantic, his sucking up to various dictatorial regimes to build stuff -- you name it. They will make him look like a cross between Simon Legree and the robber barons, which is uncomfortably close to the truth. (The moron actually let himself be videoed sitting out front of a Scottish home owned by a couple of pensioners telling the camera that he doesn't give a shit about their distress -- this is on a full length documentary that is being held until the moment he becomes the GOP candidate.) The failed Trump run will in the end look like a set-up stalking horse for the Dems when that happens and YOU, not I (for I will be dead by then) will be stuck with the death of the Republic and civil war. I have endorsed no one, including Cruz, but that doesn't mean I don't see the future of this about-to-spectacularly-fail demagogue clearly. Believe in Trump's so-called principles if you like, but you might as well throw in devotion to Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and the notion that unicorns shit golden skittles. Look in the mirror then and you will see a Trump chump staring back in regret.

B. Cleveland said...

Trump is about the only "best of bad choice" option. 8If you have done any homework at all on Cruz, you would know better than to vote for him. Cruz was eyeball deep in the Trilateral Commission effort to make the North American continent into a clone of the EU. For Gods sake, do the research. Cruz and Rick Perry tag teamed that effort; Perry got hung with the stink of it and Cruz slid away mostly untouched.

Cruz best buddy mentors are Henry Kissengerand Zbiegniev Brezinski. Those guys are real Conservative icons - of the infinite Rino Brand. Do the research.

Cruz filed an SCOTUS Amicus Brief that stated "some Americans can be denied their 2nd Amendment Rights, based on the opinion of some .gov wonk". Look it up!!

Cruz has habitually taken handouts from Goldman Sachs, Citibank and half a dozen other " big bank .gov movers and shakers". Do the research.

And last but not least, Cruz was a citzen of Canada until he hecame a man without a country. When Cruz was born his parents, by Law in Canada at that time, had to declare Cruz as a U.S. citizen or a citizen of Canada. Cruz parents declred him a citizen of Canada. There was never any "U.S. Consuelar Declaration of Birth" filed at Cruz birth to counter his parents choice. By International Law Ceuz is a citzen of Canada. Cruz has never bothered to file the appropriate, lawfull required documents to become a U.S. citizen.

I know I know, mere details. Go ahead and vote for Cruz,if that blows your skirt up. But at least do the research so when it's over you know how badly you screwed up.

Bill Cleveland

Chiu ChunLing said...

Whatever it takes to destroy the blind faith in an utterly corrupt political system, I'm for it. If I thought Ted Cruz's eligibility would actually disqualify him at the last moment, I'd be cheering for Cruz supporters. If Cthulhu had any serious supporters, I'd be cheering them on.

The only interest I have in politics anymore is convincing people that it is an irrelevant charade and a waste of time. Trump is doing that to his supporters, however much some of them protest, they support Trump because they have utterly lost faith in the system, and that's all to the good.

People need to lose faith in the system. Even if it's for stupid reasons.