Monday, February 15, 2016

Once a thief, always a thief. Ankle-biter Kerodin strikes again.

I am reliably informed by email this morning that Sammy has a new business venture: He expects you to send money to an anonymously registered website, using a YouTube video that has been taken down for copyright violation. Of course, when you get to the pay-pal page, guess what? 'III Percent, LLC.' Where did he get the idea? From the same guy he stole the idea of the III%:


Arkindole said...

Just think; he could have done Napster or Facebook with that insight.

Hand crafted and signed artisan walking sticks are also going for about 35 bucks at Ace.

Wyowanderer said...

Snicker. Abrasives WILL ruin engines, but not for many thousands of miles. Evidently Sammy hasn't heard of oil filters, which have come a long way since WWII.
BTW-silicon carbide powder is WAAAAYYYY cheaper on Amazon, and just as effective.

bitter clinging texan said...

you've already won that one Mr V, let it go, the fork is already stuck in him

Anonymous said...

bitter clinging Texan - yes, you're right. Mike has won that one. But there are a whole lot of folks coming into this movement that don't know that kerodin is crooked & in it for the money. They need to be told. As often as it takes to warn them about this snake in the grass. Just my 2 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

He is already history.

Otto Didact said...

I read all of Mike's (rather long) post from '09. Caccolube was a chemical additive that caused an engine's oil to jell. Some of the stories were downright funny. Such as the baseball sized grenade that detonated on contact and was activated by throwing it. The part about the Army officer (a Major IIRC) demonstrating the safety of the grenade by tossing it into the air and then catching it. BOOM!!! Now that was funny.

Or the "fart smell oil" that they developed and gave to the Chinese so kids could smear it on Japanese Officers' butts was cute.

Some of the inventions were truly amazing. Too bad the author of the piece Mike quoted didn't see fit to pass on the formulas for some of the stuff. Could've been useful in the upcoming TEOTWAWKI.

FedUp said...

Oops, disregard my last. I thought K was selling gun lube or something.

He's actually marketing sabotage materials for supposed use against his own government?

That kind of removes any doubt about whether he's a Feral Instigator for the Feral Bureau of Instigation, doesn't it?

DC Wright said...

FedUp... I have no doubt! Buy his stuff, have it delivered by your friendless feddies, along with the search warrants, arrest warrants. How obvious must it be?? Judas is doing his level worst to sell out the honest-but-simpleminded freedom lovers!!!

Mike, as an aside, my prayers go out for you daily! I pray for your continued health and endurance constantly. You're a treasure beyond price to anyone who truly values liberty! Thanks for all that you do!!!