Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Photos of Clean Up Day -- before and after.

View of the rotten garage doors (one frozen in place, the other falling apart).
The New Mexico boys beneath one of the new garage doors with a very grateful old man. (Left to right: Steve Studley, Bob Wright, old man, John Hassen.)
Before: vegetation, right front.
Before: vegetation, left front.
Before: Left side yard vegetation.
Before: Lower back deck wreckage as viewed from upper deck.
Before: Wall rot and squirrel holes to left of back door, upper deck.
In process: front vegetation removed.
Volunteer parking lot. The vehicles filled up the front yard and extended down the street.
Some of the volunteers.
In process: backyard jungle gradually removed.
In process: The dump closed unexpectedly early so we only got three loads hauled off.
In process: with the wreckage of the above-ground pool hauled off the previous weekend, the sandy floor made an excellent firepit.
So, we began burning the brush and it made an ever more glorious bonfire.
I'll have more pictures of the new deck, back wall and completely bare backyard in a later post. God bless the volunteers and supporters who made all this possible. Afterward, Rosey and I wept at the results. Things like this make you truly humble.


Anonymous said...

And no one got a case of poison ivy?...Looks like a good job done by all..

bondmen said...

What a great crew of Real Americans you assembled Mike. And boy do feel bad about mission that brush bonfire. Nothing like one of those on a cool day. Ready to see the result images now. It is truly amazing how we (including mwa) can put off things that really need doing.

Anonymous said...

Tears of joy, don't ya know!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding III%ers!

I would just like to say that while some talk a good game about "making America great again".....this is an example of what made America great in the first damn place. Good folks stepping up and helping other good folks do good things.

Notice please, no collectivist government intervention and decision making needed.

Well done!!!

Backwoods Engineer said...

So sorry I couldn't be there.
I never got an email response, which was probably my email box being full.
I didn't want to just show up.
I regret I may never meet you in this life.

MamaLiberty said...

Just wonderful, Mike. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy... and gal.

Anonymous said...

Good on you and Rosie, Dutch.

j said...

dang, that is work that would have probably cost you a few thousand dollars if you had to hire people. And they all did it out of love... ain't that something? I notice they did not disturb the burial area where you had the bodies from the brown recluse program!! Wish I had been in good enough health to have pitched in but I salute all those who did!

Claire said...

Thank you, Mike, for posting the wonderful pictures. And thank you, wonderful people, for traveling from near and far to be great neighbors. Bless you all.

Sedition said...

Absolutely outstanding job by all involved!
I wish like hell I could have been there, but the dust bunnies and tumbleweeds blowing around in my bank account said otherwise. I can't wait to finish school and get back to work.

ps. The spot where the pool was looks like it would make a nice raised bed garden.

Phillip said...

Glad you got it done. Hope you got my letter....

LibertyNews said...

I'm glad to see that so much was accomplished!

Anonymous said...

There's probably about a thousand people who wish they could be part of it Mike.
But we're all glad it is getting done. Good people, solid Americans, God Bless them all and you and Rosie too.
Horse-Tied Creek