Friday, February 5, 2016

The natural consequence of challenging a cult of personality. Another collectivist alternate universe heard from. This time from a Trumpista cultist.

"You hate trump, love the jews and communists who want to take our guns and are running our country in the ground... When you coming to PA you faggot? I got something for you, you fucking traitor! We don't need you old fucks pontificating on shit anymore, just clear on out."
Comment posted on "Poor baby. Trump's persecution complex."


Anonymous said...

Just another shit-talking knob-gobbler. It's easy to be a tuff-guy on the internet. If he actually "has something for you", why doesn't he come and see you? He's too fucking lazy, that's why. I notice he didn't give you HIS address.

Trump is not the ideal candidate. None of them are. So why is anybody so butt hurt when we take a critical look at any of these people who want to be in control of our country? Trump will probably win and that isn't all bad, but it's pathetic that in a country of 330 million people, we can't find anyone who we don't have to hold our nose for when we vote.

bondmen said...

Somebody in PA is having a big ole Trumpertantrum. I just hate seeing big boys cry.

Herschel Smith said...

Ha! This is amusing. I really enjoyed it. I also enjoy publishing the email address and IP address of commenters like that. You can use Whois [IP lookup] and sometimes even narrow it down to a location, building or street address. That's how I proved that Jennifer Mascia was using a nom de guerre to leave comments on my site while she was working for Bloomberg and being paid out of his coffers.

In this case it's probably just a Trump apparatchik who doesn't want to take the time to write, so he uses pseudo-sentences, just like Trump speaks in pseudo-sentences because he has partial, incomplete, pseudo-thoughts, because he's not capable of anything else.

bondmen said...

Somebody in PA is having a big ole Trumpertantrum. I just hate seeing big boys cry.

Anonymous said...

Im voting for trump. Not because he will make the best president ever. But because the establishment is afraid of him. They are afraid of him because he will cut their gravy train and expose their dirty little lies. Ive fount it harder and harder to get a job. When I do get a jobb Im forced almost from the beginning to train my replacement who just arrived from india or Pakistan or some similar place. My salary hasent budged upward since 1990 and for the most part has decreased. Id like to see some change. Change that protects Americans for a change.

Anonymous said...

There are foolish and rude people who claim to support every candidate. Letting one actually effect your thinking is not a strong position. Try looking at the actual positions and plans published by the candidates themselves, rather than the BS gossip of the MSM and internet trolls. If you do that with Trump, I suspect you will be quite surprised that most of what you've been told by "media" is inaccurate, if not downright deceptive.

Trump supporters may feel the most stressed, because they (I being one) also perceive that <0bummer's immigration sedition and malfeasance, if it is not immediately checked by the next executive, is the death blow to this nation. If you're concerned about a candidates constitutional bona fides, realize that immigration control is a power both constitutionally and statutorily in the executive's charge. So is negotiation of foreign trade. Odd that a presidential candidate would make those issue the cornerstones of his campaign, instead of a bunch of social issues that the feds have no constitutional authority to be involved in at all, like contraception/abortion and marriage. Seems Trump may be the only one actually implementing constitutional principles, like enforcing laws, rather than just talking about it.

NO other candidate has pledged to do squat about illegal immigration. In fact, all other candidates and particularly the most viable rethugnicans, Rubio and Cruz, have actively supported the continued, increased, accelerated destruction of our nation through unrestricted migration from the 3rd world. Both Rubio and Cruz supported 3x and 5x increases in H1B visas and signed on with the "Gang of 8" uniparty shamnesty sell out. Both are naturalized citizens, not natural born citizens. Their loyalties and interests are not first and foremost for the USA. So where does that leave us?

NO other candidate has pledged to do squat about the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact that <0bummer quietly signed into law yesterday. In fact, both Rubio and Cruz voted for provisions allowing <0bummer to fast-track that agreement, voted for the pre-cursor legislation to sneak it by unions, and effectively ratified <0bummer's wet dream of destruction for USA sovereignty and the USA middle and blue-collar class by just failing to show up to vote--something both have done far more often than the vast majority of their peers in congress. So where does that leave us?

Maybe it doesn't matter who is president from now on. Maybe it didn't matter that <0bummer unlawfully held the office for 8 years--we were already in pretty bad shape, on a downward slide that started 50ish years ago. If that's the case, what can it hurt to vote Trump, just to stick him in the uniparty establishment's eye. If he does nothing but reverse the turd world immigration flow and revoke TPP, he will have given this nation a new lease on life. If we're going to demand that any candidate we are willing to support have all the capabilities of a Trump and all the character and intelligence of a Vanderboegh, we will never have a candidate and without a candidate, we can't have a president we can support or even tolerate. Everyone needs a healthy dose of objectivity and realism. Please do not prevent all good by insisting on perfection that does not exist.

Anonymous said...

An unhinged (totally) Trump supporter OR a Soros funded troll running a discrediting operation. How will we ever know?

Anonymous said...

All I will say is TRUMP 2016

Anonymous said...

Do not paint all Trump supporters with one broad stroke. These kinds of disgusting comments are everywhere.

Trump's stand on the crux of our problem, illegal immigration, cheap labor and outsourcing is finally being addressed without compromise and pandering.

If anything, that's something.

And it's unlikely, with all sides, including the latest from CPUSA at peoplesworld, the media, the GOPe, the Dems, the Left, communists Obama, Van Jones, Mike Klonsky and Bill Ayers,etc, against Trump he can emerge victorious.

But in the end he will have done us a great service-- and sometimes it takes someone who's been on the inside, to expose the rot.

Anonymous said...

The stormfronters (who actually have a lot more in common with the progressive collectivists than they care to admit) have been coming out of the woodwork for Donald, who is running on a nationalist and populist platform. They do not represent all Donald supporters.

However even without them, many people supporting each candidate blindly. Donald says what people want to hear and nothing more, Ted resorts to Nixonion strategies to artificially boost his numbers, and Marco appeals to the militarists. Few stop and think about what these candidates will do with executive power, despite the fact that ALL of them have betrayed their base in the past. Critical thinking on the right is almost as rare as it is on the left.

With populism and hatred dominating each candidate's base and with the candidates willing to play to that, the outcome of the election is that we all lose.

Oregon Hobo said...

Hahaha yeah that Mike Vanderboegh, sure does love him some communists.

Wotta maroon.


Anonymous said...

Congratulate Trump for busting the barrier to dealing with illegal immigration. I do.
But vote for him to sit behind the Resolute Desk? Hardly.
No WAFFLER can be tasked to sit there with the questions that must be answered from that seat.

RESOLUTE DESK people, it is called that for good reason.

Anonymous said...

We need a capitalist with as much enthusiasm for our side as Obumble has for communism.
Trump is not a politician, and has said many things that a politician never would have said.
But he is the prescription for what our country has.

William Cleveland said...

Cruz is a stalking horse for the RNC. He and Rick Perry were eyeball deep in pushing the Trilateral movement in the '90s. They intended that Mexico - Canada and the U.S. have no borders at all; a North American European Union was their goal. Cruz filed an Amicus Brief to the SCOTUS - explaining that certain locales and jurisdictions in the U.S. should not retain their 2nd Amendment Rights. Do the research - the truth is out there. Cruz religiosity only extends to his campaign antics - FOIA inquiries show, from he and his wifes tax records, that they contribute less than 1% to any charity at all and show no tithes to any church. Note that for all of Cruz railing against the PTB - he hasn't drawn blood once. He hasn't bothered to gain allies for his antics and there are some people he could have tried to draw in to help him. Do the research.

Rubio went mainstream RNC weasel almost immediately after he was elected. Rubio looks to be the Republican Obama if elected. Marvelous choice that.

Trump is a scaly, not ready for polite company,brash and mouthy contradiction to the RNC playbook. If he does nothing other than give the establishment Politicians the worst kind of heartburn, an unending series of panic attacks and leaves the PTB gnashing their teeth and screaming in desperation - that's good enuf for me. Trump has a history that is easy to research - he is guilty of giving millions of dollars to U.S. Military Veterans causes, taking care of his employees every chance he gets and losing his own money when he gets it wrong - not the taxpayers money. He is an Ameica first nationalist and his skeletons are all out for the world to see. Do the research - don't belive me or any of the talking heads. Do the research ands find the truth.

Unknown said...

Do we need another first term Senator with a law degree?

Anonymous said...

The elections are a scam & rigged as can be seen by the win of criminal hitlery in Iowa by coin tossing, really? Stop playing into the farce & deceit, your votes don't count.

Anonymous said...

Don't take it personal, this is just how younger people who aren't lefties talk on the internet. And they call everyone fags (and funny enough, you have the same captch system as 4chan). They see anyone older as responsible for what the country has become.

I would never vote for trump because I am opposed to the whole system, but trump is the closest thing to a real human being of the whole lot. I only come here to find out about liberty-related topics, not shitty run-of-the-mill politics.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of being the only human being of the lot -

Note which candidate(s) were classless, and which one wasn't. How about that.