Tuesday, February 9, 2016

She Approves Of Dead Mexicans, Gun Running, And Murdered Federal LEOs

Hillary Clinton is one of the most shameless politicians of this era or any era. If an endorsement or ad will get her just one more vote, she'll go for it. It doesn't matter if the person making the endorsement was the most partisan, the most contemptible, the most brutally corrupt Attorney General since the founding of this Republic. A man whose fingerprints were all over an operation to run guns to Mexican cartels so as to build support for gun control. A man who was found in Contempt of Congress. A man who said he supported voting rights but dismissed charges of outright voter intimidation against favored groups. A man who used the Department of Justice as a shakedown machine against corporate America. Of course, I'm referring to former Attorney General Eric Holder.


Bad Cyborg said...

Isn't "shameless politician" something of a verbal redundancy? To my mind it's like "crooked politician" or "dead corps". Doesn't the 2nd word include (or at least imply) the first? It's rather like, years ago, when I used to refer to the time in my life when I was "young and stupid". Being "young" sorta includes the "and stupid" part - doesn't it?

Actually I doubt Hildabeast actually "approves" of those things. It's just that she considers them acceptable outcomes to the exercise of government power. For statists, government is a worthy end in itself and any/all actions by government are therefor proper.

Wayne said...

I thought they meant Janet Reno.