Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Leaping at all the wrong illusions.

Oregon debacle refutes 'armed citizen' fantasy


Uncle Elmo said...

And there you have it, from a journalist, newspaper editor and junior college instructor in the once conservative state of Colorado. He holds a masters degree in English Literature, so is obviously qualified to determine who qualifies as a 'constitutionally misinformed, misguided fool'.

Sanctimonious educated idiots like this guy make me sick. I have several family members just like him. A few years back, in referring to myself, one of them said to a close cousin "He doesn't seem too bright". His reply to her was "Can you name all nine Supreme Court Justices?" - to which there was no reply.

Arkindole said...

Jeff should look at his garage door tension spring.
It's ok as long as it's held down on the shaft with a couple of very large set screws.
When that fastening set, or the shaft, fails you don't want to be anywhere near it.

Immutable laws of physics prevail despite the best of superficial perceptions.

Fayette County, Texas said...

Quote from the article: "Government funds haven't been used to pay for abortions since 1976,"


The writer lost all credibility when he spouts this lie.

Which government has this asshole been watching since 1976?

Chiu ChunLing said...

"But let an American sit at a table in the very seat of government and tell that government, in impassioned and clear language, how it has wronged him, and that government has no choice but to listen."

Yeah, couldn't read any further than that. Have fun with that, mate, when the government no longer worries what the people might actually do if the government stops listening.

Whatever else the occupation of the Malheur Refuge accomplished, the government definitely listened, even if it failed to heed, the government feared them.

Anonymous said...

Fantasy? I don't think so. Futile effort? Maybe. I might remind Mr. Rice that the Malheur gang did not go 'weapons free' on the feds. Had they done so, the outcome would have been better and more widely known both as a success and a failure....but more widely known for sure. The feds would have found out that these folks WILL open fire if fired at. The Three Percent Catechism was at last partially adhered to in the end. The feds fired the first and only shot. Not judging here on whether it was a 'clean shoot' or not. But it sure looked to me like the dead guy might have been going for something in his jacket. Pretty dumb thing to do when surrounded by cops.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Mason: If Michael Bloomberg Is Serious About Gun Control, He Should Disarm His 12 Bodyguards

Comic Jackie Mason says that if Michael Bloomberg is serious about gun control, he should disarm the 12 bodyguards who hedge in his every move.

Otherwise, Bloomberg is just a hypocrite benefiting from the safety of a wall of guns, while calling for Americans to forfeit the safety that guns could bring to them and their families.


Anonymous said...

Well, there is truth in that this invasion (or sit-in-with-weapons, or whatever the hell it was) did not work.
Even the Bundy ranch episode now appears to have been but a delaying action.
It is likely that such in the future, even with better preparation, will not work without a concerted legal/political arm, and a strong connection to journalists for public relations.
And for individual issues, the legal/political arm may be much more effective then the weaponized version.
The writer has a point.

MikeH. said...

From the article: "The government simply isn't afraid of Americans with guns..."

Perhaps the reason for that is the simple fact you can't get enough piss off Americans to show up in the kind of numbers needed to make the government crap its frilly pink panties.


Anonymous said...

The writer of this article is typical of the smug liberal asses who don't appreciate the fact that by rigging the game, they not only encourage the breaking of the 'rules', but MANDATE the breaking of the rules. I am talking about the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT here, but more generally, the rules of society have been twisted to the point of breaking.
The climate in which we live today is one where the Constitution is no longer adhered to, not even by its so-called guardians, the executive branch (P)resident Obama, and the 'supreme' court.
Obama has blatantly ignored any law that he disagrees with, and the supreme court is now a super-legislature, writing and re-writing law any way they feel like. This will only get worse with the passing of one of only two or three 'originalist' justices, Antonin Scalia and his replacement by a communist president and a spineless congress.
They ignore the Bill of Rights completely, except for the amendment forbidding the quartering of soldiers in our private homes, but have no illusions about that. If the communist/new world order agenda required it, they would violate that one too.
They (the so-called supreme court) have invented a right to privacy which includes the permission to murder the unborn without mention of the unborn's right to be free from being murdered.
They have at the same time failed to discover the right of privacy in many other areas, such as the right not to be spied on despite the protections of the Bill of Rights, or privacy when it comes to drugs or medicines we may want to take.
They have recently 'found' (between the lines) in the Constitution, the ability of the federal government to force us SUBJECTS...formerly citizens...to buy 'products' whether or not we want to buy them., if the government orders it.
They have recently also 'found' somewhere the power to redefine entire concepts on which civilization itself is based, defining 'marriage' as something perverted and contrary to the will of the voters in the several states.
This is only a small sample of opinion why civil war is coming. The writer of this article fails to understand the subject whereof he speaks and should confine his comments to subjects like poetry or the theater.

Anonymous said...

The Correct 12 Individuals have not come together yet...
When they do, we'll never here from or about them.
They will just work.
Perhaps there work will be obvious, perhaps not.

Anonymous said...

I guess Jeffy-boy forgot to tell the Viet Cong that they had no chance in going up against the most powerful, sophisticated military in the world..

California Midwesterner said...

Anonymous at 5:05PM is (probably inadvertently) hilarious.
The VC did indeed go up against the US military. And died in droves, to the point of extinction after Tet '68.
After that debacle, they had to be rebuilt with North Vietnamese troops (which the North didn't mind, and I have to suspect they intended to purge former VC after the war anyway).

So yeah, the VC had basically no chance. But, like the Afghans, they tried anyway. And died in hideous numbers, accomplishing almost nothing, until the fifth columnists persuaded the US that Tet, a smashing tactical victory, was somehow a defeat.