Saturday, February 13, 2016

After Oregon standoff, some say: Right fight; wrong tactics

Right fight; wrong strategy. That's what many ranchers and sympathizers opposing federal control of public lands in the West concluded after the armed occupation of a national wildlife refuge in Oregon.


Chiu ChunLing said...

The tactics were wrong insofar as they committed to non-violence.

Let us not delude ourselves that there are any great gains to be made by linking arms and singing Kumbaya in the face of a government that is planning how best to implement Marxism, with clear knowledge that this implies killing a significant portion of the population, starting with those prone to independence and non-compliance.

Anonymous said...

Of course ranchers feel it is the right fight. They stand to gain financially.
This is not so much a war of principles. More a war for blatant spoils.
And, by the way, the feds allow use of the lands much cheaper than do the states.
If anything the ranchers want to continue this ( or pay nothing at all).

Anonymous said...

boy howdy. financial gains? blatant spoils? hmm. interesting we dont read about how the uranium mining interests sold for bribes to fund the clintonista campaigns will be enriching the ranchers. leftards always seem to be foaming at the mouth about "subsidized" ranchers, who work their asses off to live a lifestyle more akin to the pioneers. so ironic their pristine desert sagebrush and bird refuge will be strip mined by foreigners once the band of land manglement shoots everyone who refuses to leave land they were promised they could keep paying leases on (cheered on bloodlusting bolsheviks).

Ann Onymous said...

Anon chimed in at 7:44 to reassure us that our Federal tax dollars are paying his way.

The Malheur tactics may well have been stupid, but the blind panic they caused among the state and federal progs shows those tactics were stupidly effective. So, look for bettter tactics, but keep on pushing the same message. The federal government is forbidden to own land, with half a dozen exceptions which do not include parks, forests or wildlife refuges. Federal land ownership is tyranny ... and illegal.