Friday, February 12, 2016

Two from David Codrea.

Santilli Prosecution a Tyrannical Assault on Free Speech and Press
VOTE YES on the Recall of Grover Norquist from NRA Board


Anonymous said...

Here we have the same aspect I urge people to argue - bible carry permits. David points at government deciding who is the authorized journalist. In other permission slips.

So then trumpeters, so then NRA Fudds, how are those permission slips working out for ya? How about that wonderful bill of goods the NRA sold you all with state preemption and carry permits and how great all the "advancement" of rights is, eh? Yeah, not quite what you people thought, huh?

Well. Then. Maybe it is time to see that the whole permission slip thing is about as ANTI RIGHTS as it can get! Now, let's get about the business of fixing it, ok?

ag42b said...

Although people might find Pete Santilli personally reprehensible, the fact is, he was covering the Oregon event as a member of the press. He recorded and reported on various events in and out of the refuge. The hostility of the Oregon powers that be toward Santilli was palpable in his reports. He hurt no one. Putting Santilli in jail is another step toward "approved media only". Most news of interest is now found in blogging web sites.

Anonymous said...

ag42b -
I must half disagree; what Pete appeared to be doing, and not just once, was to live-stream his activism. The incident with the "This guy's FBI" was exactly that - not reporting, but participation.

Where he reported, he reported. But other times, he merely fired up the web-cam and participated. That isn't "free press", and that's what he'll get nailed for.

ag42b said...

@Anon 11:38 AM-
I understand. I didn't see all his footage, nor the one you indicated. He is a show-off, and if he did what you said, you are right. I'll look for that footage, and please accept my apology. GJC

Anonymous said...

technical error: same link for both.