Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Podcast on the subject of what's next for the liberty movement.

FO Podcast Episode 034 – Liberty Thought Leader Round Table
In this week’s podcast, we have a round table with the following most prominent liberty thought leaders: Peter White, Western Rifle Shooters Association; Matt Bracken, former SEAL and fiction author; Mike Vanderboegh, III% Founder and Sipsey Street Irregulars; Stewart Rhodes, Oathkeepers; David Codrea, War on Guns; Bob Wright, New Mexico Militia.
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Anonymous said...

Bravo Zulu gentlemen!!


Fred said...

That was a good conversation, Mike. The suggestion of starting a reading list was implemented on WRSA, but I'd like to see you start one here as well, with your inputs. That's one of the things I called you about a week ago, was just waiting for the dust to settle after the work weekend to get back in touch. I have plenty of ideas, and am wiling to contribute book reviews.

Anonymous said...

You need to create a national organized political resistance with a definitely implied and real, if hidden and delocalized, national military arm.
The real problem you face is the poorly organized and badly lead groups, out for individual infamy, as demonstrated in Oregon, too many fools not conforming to the national need.

Give it a good name, like the National Liberation Front.

Anonymous said...

Go back and review the Bundy Ranch videos and look closely at the BLM "agents". I can categorically tell you, they are NOT BLM personnel, they ARE paid mercs acting under color of law. Operators that are muscled up and highly trained itching to be able to unleash a hail of lead on these "protesters". If you want to see what BLM officers look like, go visit their offices or a park where they have a field office...portly pot bellied lazy bureaucrats, not toned fit "operators". Obama is using tax payer dollars for his "above the law" army.

Why do you think they shot up the vehicles in Burns, Oregon. Its obvious, they were OUT of common public view, in territory they controlled, away from public eyes and the mission was to wipe them out and then offer the narrative that they attacked "law enforcement" as they tried to execute a checkpoint, and were subsequently killed. Mercenaries murder without conscience or care, so long as zeros and ones go into the account. Anything else is people inserting their own feel good interpretations so they can go on another day WITHOUT feeling like they hold some responsibility for HOW things are today.

Blackwater/Xe services/ Greystone, they REAL American murderous traitors. get a clue, they do not feel LEGALLY restrained by anything except getting caught.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

ACLU Defends 1st Amendment Rights Of Refuge Occupier Pete Santilli


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:31am said this: "too many fools not conforming to the national need."

I don't know about the rest of you but I don't do conformity too well. That's what progs want - everyone to toe the line & conform.
I agree that we all need an common objective & goal but everyone is different & will come to that goal in different ways. Just cause it don't "conform" to what you think it should be doesn't mean that it is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Neal Jensen,
Not sure what you are talking about.
Sure, the FBI and Police are not bureaucrat types. Nor are they BLM. Who said they were?
If you are talking about the fed. employees at Malheur, they are employees of the National Wildlife Refuge System, which reports to the National Fish and Wildlife Service, which is part of the Dept. of Interior -- also not BLM. I don't know the particulars, but at least some of these folks, if not all, are biologists. Biologists are not commonly potbellied lazy bureaucrats, as they are at least partially in the field.
[By the way, potbellies are common in the III%, militia, Bundy, OK groups, from the pics displayed on the various associated websites. No disprespect to them, just an observation.]
You should get your rants back on the rails of fact.

oughtsix said...

Fine job, Mike, and to all concerned, but especially to you and Bob Wright:

Kudos to the grizzled veterans of the last twenty years. You two have, by your steadfast determination and dedication to the truth, by your audacious flipping of the fearless finger of fate in the face of the enemy, by your tireless call to rightful action, earned the gratitude of a future nation, re-established in Liberty, and resurrected from the ashes of the once Promised Land.

Liberty must be earned... over and over so it seems.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how hard it would be to coordinate, but it would provide A TON of value to the community to have a regular biweekly "fireside chat" regarding issues facing the liberty and gun rights movement. A smaller group per episode might be better to give the speaker an opportunity to elaborate/genuflect better on the issue.

Seriously, that was an awesome podcast. I tip my hat to all who made it possible.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Jack hole at 3.22

When do NFWS/ DERP(int mis-spelling) of Interior "biologists" run around muscled up and geared for war? I work in civil service and can categorically tell you that scant 1% employees are at all physically fit much let fighting physically fit much less capable of handling a firearm, they are takers of free taxpayer monies and benefits who would risk nothing except to keep their easy free ride misrepresenting their agencies, much less work.

NONE of the BLM "agents" at the Bundy Ranch event were actually BLM personnel, they were all hired mercs dressed up. Im recent former military, I KNOW what "warriors" musclehead mercs look like, I KNOW what they act like right down to the nervous twitchy behavior where they are right on the dge of shooting everything and walking away. You aren't going to sell me a load of shit and call it sugar. Did I smear a bunch of folks..You damn skippy, I did.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

At Anonymous at 3.22,
In my posts, I don't cut the militia / patriot groups any slack either, your observation was correct, scant few could do more than a few minutes of actual fighting much less make it more than couple days campaign before giving up in exhaustion, though I expect that the US FED GOV and its horde of badged thugs are on equal ground with them, and why I constantly exhort people to be thinking outside of the box in strategy and tactics because I know better that its the only way for them to fight at all and have any effect(know yourself and limitations and your troops and their limitations).

Combat isn't for people weak of heart and mind and body, any live combat zone veteran can tell you that, and its NOT for newbies, adrenaline rush will cripple you the first time and drains you if its a constant need. Most troops last at a maximum of 48 hours and then their bodies just shut down in exhaustion. the couch potato heroes now would last tops 5 minutes in fist fight much less any other kind of fight for their lives, UNLESS they are serious and keep up their skills and physical fitness with hard regular training (scant few do that). Bitter pill of truth is all I GIVE. Sorry if you can't take take it......No, Im not.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

I am just glad that Pete and Mike are talking again and I hope it is and will be going a lot further than just this.

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

There are at least 4 unnamed co-conspirators on the Cliven Bundy indictment. Probably not you, and probably most are those already under indictment for the Oregon debacle.
But you probably recognize all the series of events described, and who, if any, will be added and arrested.

Foolish actions for foolish causes have consequences.
No doubt these are things for a future podcast.

Anonymous said...

Thank you gentlemen that was a great source of information and a conformation of local assets and control. I am an elected county commissioner here in a rural Tn. county. I have no military experience but I do some weapons training. And I also have a tea party group that meets once a month. I am hearing that I need to develop my community assets,and that is going to become job one. Again thanks and I will follow this site and conversation as things move forward.