Monday, February 8, 2016

‘Strict Scrutiny’ Decision on Maryland Semi-Autos Still Leaves Dangerous ‘Common Use’ Threat Looming

Just as the military no longer uses yesterday’s technology, so too must that apply to the citizenry. When technology advances and the most effective “common use at the time” infantry weapon turns out to be a Star Trek-style “phaser rifle,” it’ll be the right of our Posterity to own one. Otherwise, we might as well try to defend our freedom with spears.

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Anonymous said...

In Common use is not a threat. I agree, there is an attempt to fabricate a difference between first and second amendment case law, even now within strict scrutiny, but it is impossible. Maybe lower courts fail to understand the big picture - but SCOTUS does not.

There is FAR FAR FAR too much case law STRUCTURE at risk to go along with this in common use as SCOPE. Scalia really ribbed the grabbers here. Just as he explained that A Well Regulated Militia being Necessary to the Security of a Free State was A reason, not THE reason, much less the ONLY reason, In Common Use is A reason, not THE reason, much less the ONLY reason.

In Common Use is a BUST.