Friday, February 5, 2016

Rewriting history to serve the collectivist meme.

"Historically, militias were a tool of the state, not a force formed in opposition to the state."


Anonymous said...

It is becoming obvious that the Obama administration will stage an actual WACO type incident (mass murder of civilians) as a prelude to martial law and gun confiscation. The goal is ending elections and the rise of a Stalin-esqe figure. God help us if Saunders is selected by the military junta in DC. You are lucky Mike. You won't live to see Amerika drown in the lake of blood.

Anonymous said...

Scumbag seems to think that the definition of "a free state" is "can do whatever it wants to anyone, with complete impunity."

B-4 said...

State run media prepping the sheep, would you expect anything less? Problem begins when free thinkers are swayed just a little. Thus B/S propaganda becomes perception, perception long enough morphs into truth, via weak minded none thinking past their nose types. Welcome to the truth of one world order. B-4

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure: when the SHTF, and it will, I'll be very glad not to be anything in a uniform, a media person or a politician because every single one of those types is doomed.

Anonymous said...

The sign hand written in the picture that reads " make the militia to go home" says it all to me; with the perfect English and all..And as for this schmuck's story, we no longer have a u.S. gov't. What we have is a ruling body controlled by globalists and international banks hell bent on destroying whatever sovereignty we have left and reducing freemen to slaves. That much should be obvious to anyone who is even remotely awake.

G3Ken said...

Two particularly egregious comments in the article stand out, and what scares me most is that, left unchecked, it becomes gospel in the minds of teh generally illiterate populace:

The Founders did not all agree on what “bearing arms” meant exactly, but all of them almost certainly thought military service in defense of a republican society more important than hunting game or defending one’s home against criminals.

The legal apparatus ensuring that militias were “well-regulated” established rules such as how frequently militias had to train, what specific types of weapons would be required, and that those weapons be registered with civil authorities.

I get sick to my stomach thinking about the fact that people have the balls to put out such propaganda, and worse that people will believe it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the most famous, most crucial militia in the history of the 13 colonies and The United States of America was the unit commanded by Capt. John Parker at Lexington common on April 19, 1775. I'd like to hear Mr Reinstein tell us all which state Capt' Parker's militia was associated with.

Those men, and their compatriots, ran, some of them for miles, for the chance to fire on the troops sent out by their own government and then harried those troops back into Boston.

Would Mr. Reinstein have us believe they were in the service of the government of The King's Massachusetts Bay Colony? That government was operating under martial law. The effective Governor of the colony was the same Royal Army officer who sent the troops out in the first place. Would he have us believe they were in the service of the Continental Congress? That same Congress which took the next year and four months debating whether hostilities should have begun in the first place? Really?

Does Mr. Reinstein think the American people are fools, ignorant of their own history?

Well, even a blind pig finds an acorn every once in a while.