Friday, February 5, 2016

Gee, I wonder who's responsible for THAT? Black-robed mafia leader bemoans that he threw his own Mandate of Heaven in the crapper.

The political wars damage public perception of Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roberts says


Chiu ChunLing said...

The Supreme Court has never been 'above politics'. It wasn't even designed to be above politics, merely subordinately removed from them.

The claim that the courts are above politics cannot be advanced in good faith by any historically or Constitutionally literate person, and for someone actually on the Supreme Court to say it should be grounds for immediate impeachment by the Senate. It is a statement repugnant to the sworn duty of the Supreme Court to uphold the Constitution as law.

DeWalt said...

They need to quit trying in to interpret the Constitution (my god, it's very clear) and start interpreting Federal laws as they apply to the law of the land. Do that and they can't go wrong. You cannot create rights and powers that simply don't exist.

B-4 said...

The SCOUS is the perceived legal arm an opinion makers of all tics back room deals. Every person there is beholding an gets the OK of their puppet master before rendering. This farce has been going on for over 50 years. B-4

Anonymous said...

Playing Democracy of the 9 robed kings has pretty much destroyed the government of republican form. Consider this- many things done legislatively have harmed the court, many things done judicially have harmed the legislature. It is a GAME to them. When neither were honest, and both acted in concert dishonestly, the Constitution itself is damaged.

The only thing that will save the Republic now, is the judiciary admitting it has woven a tangled web over the last century and a half and there must be a reset, a willing reset, done OR a reset of sorts that jefferson commented about will come to pass. The SCOTUS has not the TIME to unwind what it has wound. A Blade must be slashed across the web, slicing through the pathetic muck it has concocted.

I submit this - an admission that judicial review does NOT Constitution the power to amend the Constitution by imposing their thoughtful insight as to intent. Simple Construction ITSELF, with words AS THEY WERE USED and with the MEANING they held at the time MUST be the decision. Now, if that is a hard thing to do, TOO BAD. It is not for the judiciary to make law - PERIOD, much less change the Constitution. The only way the Repubic survives is if the Court ADMITS its longstanding transgression and resolves itself to fix it by simply telling the truth about what happened.

Some would argue this would take volumes of books. This is untrue because MANY decisions can be undone by going straight to premise. Admitting base premise means wiping the slate cleaner than Hillary and her server. And cloth isn't required.

The court has to admit the privileges and immunities ARE rights and that enumerated rights were meant to apply to ALL levels of government - that this IS the HEART of the UNION the "united" in "united States"! Enough of this 'selective incorporation. Enough of this "people = states" narrative that doesn't pass the common sense of a fifth grader. Enough of this "interstate commerce" fabrication. Got Milk? How about Slaughterhouse? Yeah, just ADMIT IT. Reset, and go forward.

It isn't really that hard, but then, tyrants NEVER want to relinquish ill gotten gained power without a fight.

America has been arming up for a decade. Record setting pace was to send a message. Indeed, with their gun control, it is 'in their face" because we are doing it knowing they know!

I submit to my fellow III%ers, this is a direct response to "No! Your Move", to "We will not back up, not one more inch" and "Come and take em".

They are scared in the court of the democracy of the 9. They see it. I think they saw it it the nineties hoping it would settle. I think they saw it when they let the AWB just expire without a vote and with the relenting of Heller and McDonald. They are trying to let go of stolen power little by little to see when we will settle. Now, this thing here by Roberts is actually a tapout! It is a please please please please stop because you are making this too hard on us too fast.

Too bad Roberts. SUCK IT UP! Either you do the right thing, and begin planning a serious reset - or you will watch this entire country burn like ferguson and baltimore. The Irony? The ball is in YOUR COURT. You and your peers wanted all the power through the Bar, and you got it. Now, because you and your peers did not take care, because you got greedy, you DO hold all the power - and it is consuming you and about to burn you down.

So Mr Roberts. Either stand down the Usurpation - ALL OF IT - or watch it all burn. Literally. You have to choose - Constitutional Authority or NO Authority. that is your choice. You see Mr Roberts, We The People ACTUALLY hold all the authority - and we always did. It is best you just admit that, and Restore the Republic, while you still have the ability to do so.

FedUp said...

If the decisions have absolutely no political motivation to them at all, why do so many decisions come down so close to a perfect split based on the political ideologies of the justices?