Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Speak no evil of Richard Shelby.

This sounds like a regular cluster coitus. Alabama Senate debate canceled after Hoover Tactical owner bars candidates from attacking Shelby
A scheduled debate between Republican U.S. Senate candidates descended into chaos and was abruptly canceled Thursday night at Hoover Tactical after the establishment's owner, a self-described "strong supporter" of U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Alabama, said the candidates could not speak ill of the sitting senator because he had a prior commitment and couldn't defend himself from attacks.


Aaron said...

You did notice the fact that this was not "scheduled" right? This was 100+ people showing up unannounced and bringing the press with them.

Also note that the first mention of the "debate" that I can find was on the Rainy Day Patriots Facebook page... 4 days before the event.

Anonymous said...

I have high regard for Mr. Sessions. Mr. Shelby, not so much.

Shelby attempted to use last year's Omnibus Spending Bill to skew the "water war" between Georgia, Alabama and Florida in Alabama and Florida's favor.

Typical move by one of today's typical Republicans, always willing to stab another in the back rather than build consensus to steer nation back toward sanity.

Georgia's delegation managed to scramble and get alternate language inserted. But Shelby's reputation is ruined with his neighbors east of Alabama.

Toastrider said...

With all due respect, Georgia shot themselves in the foot to start with. Perdue should've known better than to try and play games with the GA/TN state lines.

The six P's -- Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance -- applies to city expansion just like everything else.