Monday, February 8, 2016

"Operations Research Analyst Position at ATF - Open for Graduating Seniors."

Full time employee opportunity for graduating seniors with the federal government as an Operations Research Analyst at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Office of Strategic Management:

The position is located in Washington, DC.  The position is being filled at the GS-7 level (currently $43,684 per year) with promotion potential to the GS-12 level.  This position has been designed for and is tailored to undergraduate and graduate students with a concentration in criminology and statistical research who have completed their degrees and are ready to enter the workforce.  

The primary work of the position will be the generation of analytical products derived from our data warehouse that incorporates all data from our criminal and regulatory case management systems and licensing systems to generate performance data, provide oversight of operations, and develop management tools to “help run the business.”  

We are specifically looking for individuals who are proficient in developing queries and reports using Oracle Business Intelligence or similar analytical tools.  This is a full time paid position with the federal government.  Applicants will be required to pass a full background investigation and obtain a Secret clearance.  Applicants will need to meet ATF’s drug policy (summarized below).
The position is located in ATF’s Office of Strategic Management.  OSM serves as the strategic planning and performance management staff for the Bureau and is responsible for facilitating the development and communication of the Bureau's strategic plan and strategic priorities.  OSM serves as the analysis staff and liaison to directorates for coordinating and implementing the Office of the Director's priorities and initiatives.  OSM also performs administrative and budgetary functions and manages special projects for the Office of the Director.  OSM tracks and analyzes the Bureau's performance data and is responsible for all external performance reporting.  OSM supports directorate-level program analysis and evaluation activities, the results of which will inform Bureau-wide strategic planning. 
The position is being filled through the Pathways Program – Recent Graduates Program. For additional information on Pathways see:
The position will be posted on USAJobs later today as an Operations Research Analyst (Recent Graduate).  The link to the site is:


Miles said...

sounds like a perrrrfect opportunity for infiltration.

Arkindole said...

There should be intern(s) at SPLC that could nicely fill the position(s). I'm sure this is just a EEO detail.

Anonymous said...

Why would an employee at a government regulatory/law enforcement agency need a secret security clearance? What sort of information that is in the files of the ATF could possibly be classified?